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7 June 2012 : Bad Nights Sleep - Gi Problems - Bad Wind Etc

Posted by Riddled, 07 June 2012 · 531 views

On the evening of the 6th June [Last night] i had a bad nights sleep - got to bed alright then woke up with Gastrointestinal discomfort - probably trapped wind and then bad farting itself, pressed on guts and they were tender. Managed to get back to sleep eventually but then had some farting in the morning as well.


Fish + Chips [Take away] - Chips, 1.5 pieces battered haddock. Mushy peas.

Piece of home made banana bread/cake.

Frozen mixed veg - Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots [mostly carrots] - butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, quark.

10  chicken nuggets.

1/2 tub Ben and Jerries Coconutly fair.

Woke 7 hours after mixed veg

4 hours after ice cream.


Accumulation of starch and fibre throughout day.
Starch from chips.
Pufas from chips
Mushy peas.
Something in Banana bread
Fibre/somethign from mixed veg
Gluten, fructans from chicken nuggets
Ice cream

Something to not is that i did some runnign after the banana bread and i was farting so i think the mixed veg or ice cream is the significant factor