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15, 3, 2012: Bad Gas Again During Night [Farting] # Loose Bm # Erythromelalgia Bad # Acne Breakout Started 12/13 March

Posted by Riddled, 15 March 2012 · 330 views

15, 3, 12


Last night [Wednesday night] today being Thursday i once again had some very bad farting, lots of foul smelling gas and lots of farting when waking up. Also Erythromelalgia wasn't good, soaked feet once  and i slept fairly badly/broken again.
Followed by loose Bowel movement in morning.

15, March, 2012

special k almond and hazelnut, rice crispies, cornflakes, whey powder, semi-skimmed milk

Mash potato, potatoes, soya milk, soya margerine shite, olive oil, salt, pepper, cottage cheese, vegemite.
2 vegetable fingers http://www.birdseye....etable-fingers/
5 fish fingers

tin of rice pudding
handful of currously cinnemon cereal.

1/4 piece of cake - 6 eggs, sugar, quark, vanilla extract, white flour.


Bad red inflamed spot bollow bottom lip which first showed around monday a few days ago.
A few smaller ones on corner of jaw bellow ears.
Pre spot pain for last few days just below corner of nose.

Chest fine
Shoulders couple fo largish ones
Coupke fo largish ones on back.
Scalp as usual.


From last Friday [9,3,2012] have been eating a few chocolates each day and some ben and jerrys ice cream.
Couple fo days must have gone above 20 grams of sat fat.

Doesnt explain why gas is so bad.