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Bad Spot On Forehead [Plus Others[ First Noticed 17, Feb, 2012

Posted by Riddled, 19 February 2012 · 279 views

On Friday [17,2,2012] i was up early and had a beanie hat on to ironically hide a few old spots/marks. I could feel itching throughout the morning and by the afternoon i could feel and see a large red spot in the middle of my head seemingly just coming from nowhere withoout any of the pre-spot warning signs. I put BP on it but by the evening it was large, red, inflamed and pronounced. I also had a largish spot on my sideburn and spots either side of my hairline next to the back of my ears.

Possible causes:

Did arm weights the day before [16,2,12] - finished it with some boxing though.
Lack of sleep that previous evening - only got a few hours - felt pretty terrible that day[17,2,12]
Something i did, ate days before?
Stress from that mornings events - possible but seems unlikely as surely spots must have already been in development.
THE HAT - as above - is it possible for them to develop that quickly?

Food day before [what i can remember]

Cereal - rice pops, cornflakes, wheat fibre, whey powder, semiskimmed milk.

Egg fried rice - white rice, beef stock cube, mixed veg - sweetcorn, carrots, peas, cauliflower.

Cake - white flour, sugar, quark, rapeseed oil, eggs, ground almonds, almond essence.

whey powder, bcaa, semiskimmed milk, glucose.

NOT SURE - more cake maybe - bread?

7 fish fingers, 2 quorn nuggets.