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Report - [21, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 21 August 2011 · 306 views

reports / diary
Took a while to get to sleep - very restless all night -
- up 2 times with burning feet - not that hot.
- had to get up fairly earlyish so not enough sleep.

Rhinits showing signs of getting bad again.

Lots of gas - farting - not smelly through night and especially upon waking. [ fibre from cellery perhaps? cake and custard?]

Bowel movement - firmish sloppy joe



Cake - Gluten free flour, butter, beef dripping, sugar, eggs, carrots, almond essence.

Rice pudding - white rice, milk, sugar, butter, almond essence, whey powder, fromage frais.



Whey powder, glucose, milk

Cabbage. Potatoes, butter, olive oil, fromage frais, salt.

Acid reflux - Either - too much water during weights - Cabbage - potatoes.

Roast beef

Chest and back not much if any
Scalp pretty good except behind one ear couple have appeared.

Face - not so great.
- Weird painless red mark/spot on cheek - one on side of head - black head weird thing on forehead - some smallish other ones.