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Report - [16, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 16 August 2011 · 285 views

reports / diary
Got to sleep fine again - although too late again as usual.
Usual morning restlessnous

Up couple of times - had fan on so helps feet.

Rhinitis slightly worse.

Bowel movement firm and solid followed by sloppier.


Vit C
Cake - Gluten free flour, butter, beef dripping, butter, sugar, carrots, almond essence

2 eggs, gluten free flour, sugar, olive oil, almond essence, pan cake.

Vit C
5 scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, butter, salt.

Tiny bit of gluten free bread,

Some belching and mild acid reflux

Rice pudding - white rice, milk, sugar, butter, almond essence, whey powder, cream


Bad again.
Chest and back pretty much the same - no new bad spots.

Scalp - couple of baddish new ones.

Face - still pre spot pain in middle of chin below bottom lip - some mild redness but no spot yet.

Small painful spot in bottom of sideburn

small painful spot in middle of top lip - in usual place.

Rest clearish