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Report - [11, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 12 August 2011 · 310 views

reports / diary
Bowel movement usual - not solid - usual sloppy Joe

2 glasses water


Cake - Gluten free flour, eggs, sugar, butter, beef dripping, carrots, ginger, coconut.

Vit C
Rice pudding - white rice, milk, sugar, butter, coconut cream, cream, whey powder, cream cheese.



2 scoops whey, 1tbspn glucose, milk.

Potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, butter, oilve oil, salt.

Vit C
Roast beef, gravy, salt etc

Digestion fine for couple of hours, then,
Burbing/belching, then,
Mofo Acid reflux.

Fairly bad acid reflux


Much worse - seems like something caused a breakout - started on Wedsneday [10, 8, 2011]

Back - some baddish spots on shoulder - couple on either side.
Chest - couple quite good though
Scalp - not to bad
Face - painful spot either side of lip - horrible cold sore type spots - very painful - don't look that bad though.
- few other spots on face.

Reasons for breakout

Lack of sleep on Sunday night
Coconut - eaten quite a lot recently
Bacon on tuesday
Run done - hence cold sore type spots.
None of above