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Report - [8, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 08 August 2011 · 255 views

reports / diary
Trouble getting to sleep and had to get up early resulting in virtually no sleep.

3 Bowel movements in one day wtf
During the night - very firm - hard shit
Afternoon - first part hard rest sloppy
Evening - sloppy.

2 glasses water
Ginger - large piece

Coconut - 1/5
Rice pudding - White rice, milk, sugar, coconut cream, butter, 2 scoops whey.

3 eggs, gluten free flour, sugar.

Some slight distension of guts / indigestion


Some gas while trying to do weights


2 scoops whey, spoon glucose, milk.

Potatoes, carrots, butter, olive oil, salt.

Vit C
Beef mince, egg, herbs, salt, pepper.

Guts very weird throughout day [3 shits ffs] maybe increase in ginger? maybe coconut?


Scalp - bad - a few bad spots.
Chest - some small red spots - quite a few.
Back - good - few insignificant spots - one baddish one.
Face - pretty much clear - couple of fading red marks - pre spot pain in middle of top lip.