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Report - [6, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 07 August 2011 · 255 views

reports / diary
Got to sleep fine - slept quite well also.

Up once with feet

Not as run down as yesterday /rhinits or ilness

Bowel movement firm again followed by sloppier - borderline noraml hard movement.

2 glasses water


Coconut - prob about 1/6

Vit C
Rice pudding - White rice, milk, sugar, butter, creamed coconut, 2 scoops whey, cream cheese.

Cake - gluten free flour, sugar, butter, beef dripping, carrots, parsnip.

2 eggs, gluten free flour, sugar, pancake type creation.


Raw carrot.

Some bad smelly farts - as in BAD

5 scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, salt, butter.

Farts continued - quite a few but significant thing was the potency - awful strong sulfur smell.

Not sure what caused this - due to timing my finger of suspicion points at the raw carrot but apart from that only thing different from diet recently was coconut - but that was eaten in the morning hours before farts

Keep an eye on the effect of raw carrots

Cake - gluten free flour, sugar, butter, beef dripping, carrots, parsnip.
Custard - milk, sugar, almond essence, custard powder.

Mild indigestion and continuation of farting.


Back - not much there - maybe some insiginificant ones and a larger lumpy type one that may or may not become active.
Chest - no active ones - a few badiish red ones fading from last few days [maybe from epsom salts]
Scalp - as bad as usual - couple of bads ones either side of head.
Face - not as bad as first few days after starting epsom salts.
       - bad spot below bottom lip now white head which i could burst
       - pre spot pain in scalp near hairline of side of forehead
       - pre spot pain sensation just above moustache near nose