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Report - [5, 8, 2011]

Posted by Riddled, 07 August 2011 · 272 views

reports / diary
Bad nights sleep as per usual
-Woke up fealing run down and ill - cleaning down yesterday and sneazing from dust may have been significant.

Bowel movement - firmer than usual.

2 glasses water

Cake - gluten free flour, sugar, butter, beef dripping, carrots, parsnip.

Vit C
Rice pudding - White rice, milk, sugar, butter, creamed coconut, 2 scoops whey
- shit loads

WEIGHTS - Chest - felt terrible

2 scoops whey,1 spoon glucose, milk.

Potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, butter, olive oil, salt.

Vit C
200 grams beef mince, herbs, salt.

No acid reflux for once - very strange - might have been because i ate les than usual or because i was standing around after eating rather than slouching.

Friji milkshake - cookie dough - 50 grams sugar ffs

First time eating meat without reflux for a while - slightly less amounts of starchy meal before and emat may have been siginicant factor