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Report - [1, 8, 11]

Posted by Riddled, 01 August 2011 · 296 views

reports / diary
Woke up with some indigestion - mainly bloating/belching

Lots of gas through night - late morning

Got to sleep alright - up once with burning feet and obligatory piss.

Couple of insect/mosquito bites annoyed me also.

Usual late morning restlessnous.

Rhinits still there

Bowel movement - not as firm all sloppy really.

2 glasses water

Vit C
Rice pudding - White rice, milk, sugar, butter, creamed coconut, 2 scoops whey powder.

Lots of gas before and after rice - therefore unlikely to be rice - LOTS OF GAS - no reflux but lots of belching/burbing - weird - if it was coming from previous nights food i would have thought it should have been farting - makes little sense to me how it is being released through mouth rather through other end.

Muller Rice - Vanilla.



5 scrambled eggs, butter, cottage cheese, salt.

Cake - gluten free flour, sugar, butter, beef dripping, carrots.
Custard - milk, corn flour, sugar[white + molases type], vanila extract, cream cheese, whey powder.

Some indigestion - need to stop this cake and custard faggish comfort food eating madness.
- no reflux more sensation of too much food in belly and some burbing.

Washed face and body with epsom salts