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Changes to WEIRD SHIT

Posted by Riddled, 25 May 2011 · 185 views

Today i had a sloppy joe type bowel movement [WEIRD SHIT] for the first time in 3 weeks.

Strangely disappointing.

This may be a one off or there may be significance to it.

For 3 weeks i had hard, solid shits, the type i cannot remember ever having.

Diet 23, 5 , 11

2 glasses water.
capful of aloe vera juice.
Whole lemon and 1/2 tspn vitamin c...

Gluten for punishment

Posted by Riddled, 23 May 2011 · 184 views

Gluten free for 3 weeks now.

Completley that is. Probably very limited gluten for 2 months now.

still no difference to skin but WEIRD SHIT continues. Still havent had a sloppy joe and hard shits continue.

Heartburn has got worse but less gas and virtually no bloationg whihc is all very strange indeed.

As of today i am stopping the yogurt...

Weird Shit [Literally]

Posted by Riddled, 19 May 2011 · 114 views

I am coming up to completley gluten free for 3 weeks now.

Skin wise and digestion wise no real difference.

Heartburn is worse in fact and no getting weird pains under left hand side of ribs.

May or may not have anything to do with going gluten free.
I am eating more potatoes and rice which i have never really eaten a lot of. Maybe they are fucking...

Diet update and future

Posted by Riddled, 13 May 2011 · 168 views

My current diet is basically as follows:

White rice
Meat [eurghhhhhhhhhhhh!]
Corn [corn flour, polenta -corn meal]
Ice cream
Some chocolate

Some reet thrilling and nutritious i know.

Oh for pizza and lasagne.

I will be cutting out chocolate completley and prob ice cream too, unless...

PUFAs and acne

Posted by Riddled, 13 May 2011 · 793 views

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

I will be exploring any connection between PUFAs [Polyunsaturated fatty acids] and my skin.

I doubt there is one but i will see anyway.
I just finished off my B&Js which had some vegetable oil in it for some reason so i will be truely PUFA free as of today. I've barely had any for a few weeks but i realised i...


Posted by Riddled, 13 May 2011 · 115 views

I have been exploring the possibility that i ahve some kind of gluten intolerance. Apart from a possible acne connection there is also the digestive one and possibly a neuropathical one too.

The more i mess around with diet the more i lean towards a realisation that maybe my digestive problems and skin problems are not actually linked after all. I want to...

Gastroenteritis - acne and other observations

Posted by Riddled, 08 May 2011 · 552 views

Last Saturday, 30 APRIL, i came down with a reet lovely case of Gastroenteritis. I do not know whether it was bacterial or viral as i didn't go to a doctor, even though i should off. Of note though is the last thing i ate, 3 pieces of 2 day old chicken.

30 April, 2011
On Saturday i did some resitive type training then had some whey...

WTF Nothing makes any sense

Posted by Riddled, 21 April 2011 · 148 views

After bad breakouts lats week which lasted for a week or so for which i have no idea of the trigger i lost my motivation for sticking to my diet and binged again a few days ago. I've been waiting for the resulting outbreak for a few days now. But nothing. WTF.

On tuesday, 19th april, 2011 my diet was:

2 spoonfulls barley malt vinegar, 1/2 tspn...

Skin much much worse WTF

Posted by Riddled, 18 April 2011 · 123 views

Since my last post, last thursday, 14 april 2011, my skin has got much much worse. I am getting larger red spots, some on my cheeks, which i rarely , if ever , get.

I first noticed them on the morning of the 15th.

Before the 15th my skin had actually been pretty clear and i was thinking to myself that drinking vinegar might actually be working - Very bad...

Diet last 7 days plus future diet aims.

Posted by Riddled, 14 April 2011 · 108 views

Last 7 days after i cut out chocolate and ice cream i have been mostly eating:

Juice half a lemon+vitamin c+2 spoonfulls of barley malt vinegar

Porridge [Oatmeal] 1 cup + one cup of water + one cup of whole milk + one spoonfull sucrose[table sugar] + one spoonfull of glucose.

Swig of cod liver oil + two drops of vitamin d3 @ 1000iu each [i think]


Update on skin / acne

Posted by Riddled, 14 April 2011 · 144 views

After i ended my ketosis diet on the 9th March i then proceded to carbo binge for the next 4 weeks including copious amounts of chocolate and ice cream.

Considering my skin was just starting to improve nicely before i stopped ketosis the condition of my skin was terrible after a few weeks of the binge.

Maybe it was just the shock to the system, for god...


Posted by Riddled, 14 April 2011 · 132 views

For the last week or so i have been experimenting with vinegar in the mornings on an empty stomach.

The theory being it may boost the the acid in my stomach.

If it clears my skin for other reaons then so be it.

I don't really care about any side effects for the time being just want to see what happens.

I have been having 2 lid fills, say 2 large...

Chocolate and acne

Posted by Riddled, 14 April 2011 · 159 views

For aprox the last month or so, say from the 10th March to the 10th of April i was seriously binging on chocolate and ice cream. This after 6 weeks in ketosis.

The results on my skin aren't pretty.

I don't know if it's the sugar or the chocolate though. Or just completley coincedental.

I have been questioning my digestion of beans and also...

Possible link between GERD SIBO and ACNE [good links]

Posted by Riddled, 31 March 2011 · 1,782 views

Interesting explanation for GERD in the following links
And possible link between SIBO and acne:

What Everybody Ought To Know (But Doesn’t) About Heartburn &...

Diet report from the 9th to 28th March

Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 140 views

Diet report from the 9th to 28th March

Since i quit Ketosis on the 9th March my diet has basically been an abomination of hell.

My skin isn't that bad considering.

I have been trying a Fructose Malabsorbers diet but not that succesfully so far.

I was eating some bread again but i am now trying to cut out all wheat.

I am eating lots of milk...

Fructose malabsorption and/or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 852 views

Even if Ketosis was the answer, which i don't think it was, it's not for me.

But it did show whata difference diet can make to your guts.

On the Ketosis diet i was shitting very hard poos, almost pellet like some times, no wiping required. But the second i started eating carbs again these soon stopped and i was back to sloppy joes again.


Links - re tartar / calculus / oxalates

Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 170 views

Tartar control and Neandertal plant use

Oxalate-degrading bacteria of the human gut as probiotics in the management of kidney stone...


Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 255 views


I wish i knew which was responisble for my kidney pain and calculus/tartar deposits.

I have made the presumption the kidney pain was being caused by kidney stones so could have been through oxalate crystal deposits from the oxalic acid in the spinach.

Observations during Ketosis

Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 218 views

Skin got worse at first.

Large sore type spots.

But was improving after the 4 week mark which is disapointing as i had to quit.

Was getting kidney pain and calculus / tartar deposits.

Is a link between kidney pain and calculus deposits on teeth but also a link with spinach.

Is it Ketosis or Spinach?

Do all low carbers eat lots of spinach?

I may...

9th March 2011 - Date it all ends

Posted by Riddled, 28 March 2011 · 172 views

9 MARCH 2011

This is the date i was forced to stop my Ketosis diet.

I had eggs in the morning as per usual my diet for the last 5 1/2 weeks but in the afternoon i had some rye crisps, some cake, some chocolate nuts.

The reason i had to end Ketosis was i had pain in one of my Kidneys that wasn't going away and the main reason was that i had...