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Skin Update - Boils / Cysts And Bad Breakout On Face And Scalp [Possible Stress Related]

Posted by Riddled, 20 February 2013 · 959 views
acne, cysts, boils, stress
About a week ago [around last wednesday ~13/14 th February ] i noticed an horrendous boil/cyst type thing near my ear / sideburn area - wasn't very visible because of sideburn but large and nasty. Similar to one i got just after Xmas - around new years eve. I have gone on to have a few more similar ones on different parts of face. All in al...

Betaine Hcl

Posted by Riddled, 20 February 2013 · 576 views
betainehcl, hydrolchloric, acid and 5 more...
I have been taking Betaine HCL on and off for a few weeks now. Maybe a month or so. I stopped for around a week becaus ei was getting weird reflux feelings in throat. At first i thought my skin was getting better but was just coincidental. Skin has been very bad last week or so, so started takign it again. Erythromelalgia has been...