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Sorry : Update

Posted by iaain_123, 14 February 2011 · 184 views

It really is true when people say you only hear about the accutane scare stories because the clear people have no interest in acne forums.
Since I've been clear I completely forgot about this blog.
Bascially a quick update. Skin on face is completely clear, not had a spot in weeks, back is clear and getting with about one spot.
Side effects: None, not even dry lips anymore for some reason.
However, I did have a stomach scare.. took accutane on empty stomach resulting in stomach cramps for a few days etc.. which appeared to be a stomach ulcer but wasnt it healed itself with some rennies and since has been fine and drank and everything on it while still taking the medication. This was scary though.
Also as for hair loss, stopped taking biotin for a week and lost about 2 or 3 strands everytime i even touched my hair, started retaking and again healed itself. So I'm a big advocate of Biotin on Accutane.
My face has some minor redness but I think thats due to shaving.
But basically so far Accutane has done me wonders, but we shall see if I have spoke too soon and some disaster side effect comes along.
Nearly finished, can't believe I'm at this point, I was sick and tired battling with my skin. I really do wish you all the best with acne I know how hard it is.

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