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End of week 5

Posted by iaain_123, 26 December 2010 · 99 views

After my skin was looking SO good had a massive breakout.
Huge dark red marks on one side of my face like ive never seen before and tonnes of forehead acne.
So annoying as I was convinced this was the beginning of the clearing.
My birthday is in a few days as well fs!

Week 5

Posted by iaain_123, 21 December 2010 · 132 views

Skin: Minor breakout, my face is quite red...
Side effects: Still similar nothing new, nothing as crazy as before, no outbursts and just dry lips and skin.

Sorry that the update is boring just not too much has been happening thats why I didnt update end of last week!

Mid week 4

Posted by iaain_123, 16 December 2010 · 95 views

Skin is still clearing, didnt notice how clear my back and chest were!
Still getting spots now and then but not mass breakouts, thank god I think I am finally past the initial break out stage. My friends Dad the doctor again was talking to me about it and said my skin looked good and that this is when it should started getting clearer.
However, lip...

Week 4

Posted by iaain_123, 15 December 2010 · 145 views

Skins looking good! Had a breakout last week clearedish now though...
Side effects still dryness and getting my nose bleeds.
Good a new one this week though. Apparently drinking on accutane makes me insane. Was out on Monday night first time ive proper went out on roaccutane. My friends and me always make fun of each other and a usual I was made fun in...

Half way through week 3

Posted by iaain_123, 10 December 2010 · 136 views

Just about to hit the weekend, and am now halfway through week 3.
Side effects: No new side effects, just dry lips and sometimes my eyes get sore if I look at the computer screen for too long? Dont know if thats a side effect or not.
Skin: My forehead is still breaking out but is calming down. But today, I woke up and round my mouth/upper lip/chin which...

Beginning of week 3!

Posted by iaain_123, 07 December 2010 · 90 views

Wow this is actually going faster than I expected.
Start of third week
Skin is looking better! not great, but still better than the past few weeks. Not expecting much though I know it wont be till a few months I will start getting reliable results.
Most side effects have calmed down, even the dry lips arent as bad. Only thing remaining really bothering...

End of week 2

Posted by iaain_123, 05 December 2010 · 98 views

End of week 2 and things are looking up!, side effects are easing off. Today no itchy scalp, no dry skin and no nosebleed! Forgot to add yesterday had 3 nosebleeds, very minor ones but still can't be normal right?Basically still keeping up with my Biotin for my hair, moisturising shampoo and putting conditioner on my scalp. Washing regime:...

Half way through week 2, 2

Posted by iaain_123, 03 December 2010 · 117 views

Sitting in my friends bed watching a movie and can't even concentrate on it because my scalp is that itchy. Such a headache too, not washed my hair in 3 days and it's still this itchy had to put Cetaphil on it. Starting to think if this is really worth it. All these side effects and I'm not even two weeks in. Starting to regret accutane. Today...

Half way through week 2

Posted by iaain_123, 03 December 2010 · 101 views

Still breaking out like crazy, still very dry lips and very dry skin.
Burn taking ages to heal hardly changed at all.
New side effects: woke up this morning with a nose bleed and had a banging headache all day about to go back to sleep cause its really sore.

Few days into week 2

Posted by iaain_123, 01 December 2010 · 191 views

Right a few days into week 2, was going to do this on a weekly basis but never mind just gonna keep updating when things happen. Also, I'm going to keep up with this blog and not half ass it like alot of people do.
So I thought my initial breakout was clearing up at the end of week 1, but alas obviously not. Still getting tonnes of under the skin sore...

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