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Posted by oilyoilyoily, 29 October 2010 · 220 views

Hello Everyone,

This blog will mainly be about my methodical investigation into non-accutane, non-hormonal treatments for my extremely oily skin.

And I do mean oily.  I mean the most oily ever.  Trust me.

I'm a 35 year old female, I've had acne and oily skin for 20 years.  Not temporary!  Very consistent.  My skin probs are clearly hereditary.  My dad and my brother have the exact same skin type as myself.

I wish I could take acctuane or spiro, but I can't due to other medical issues.  I have joint problems and can't take accutane because it dries out joint fluids, which I need for healing from recent surgery on my hip joints.  Also, I can't take spiro because it is bad for muscle redevelopment post surgery.

Other than these things, I am generally very healthy.  I eat really well, hydrate, take vitamins, don't smoke or drink too much, and my thyroid levels are good.

This means the only options I have are topical.  Since it is hard to get information about topical treatments for oily skin, I thought I would share my experience here with y'all in case the time and energy I'm spending could help someone else.  Or in case I could meet someone with advice who can help me!

I also have severe (but not cystic) body acne.  Just covered with tiny red pimples and pustules all over chest and back if I don't treat the acne.  However, my acne is treatable without accutane thanks to antibiotics and bpo from the Regimen.  Pimples- no problem.  Oil- big problem.

Thanks for reading.  Let me know if you have any miracle suggestions.

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