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Retin A experience

Giving up hope. Rapidly

Posted by wag18, 02 December 2010 · 157 views

all i can say so far is that retin a is not working.
Not only is it doing nothing for my pimples, (new ones are ever present in the morning) it also seems really bad for my skin. My face is always much redder than its suppose to me, but my nose, forehead, beneath my nose and chin all remain regularskin colour, because i dont put retin a on those...

the roller coaster that is....

Posted by wag18, 28 November 2010 · 178 views

another update, must be getting close to 3 months now, possibly even past it.
Iv named this entry 'the roller coaster' due to the fact that so far my retin a experience has been like one. By this i mean that the second things start to be looking up, and my skin looks clearer, it suddenly gets worse than ever. Its like my body is saying to itself...

2 months +

Posted by wag18, 20 November 2010 · 111 views

just for anyone who actually reads this, a new update.
Over 2 months now using retin a 0.25%, applying at night.
recently recovered from a big bad breakout, scabs and red marks still healing. I am almost positive though that as soon as the scabs and red marks heal, i will have yet another breakout. At least half a dozen times now my skin really starts to...


Posted by wag18, 07 November 2010 · 90 views


first entry

Posted by wag18, 21 October 2010 · 122 views


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