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Week 19

Posted by Sexxyangelic1, 17 April 2012 · 179 views

Ok, so some of you may be thinking that I haven't blogged in soooooooo long because my skin cleared up amazingly and I didn't worry about it any longer, which meant I no longer would log on to this site.....WRONG!! DEAD WRONG!! I was so frustrated that I was continuing to break out that I just didn't want to talk about it!!! I had a derm appt last week and I told my Dr that I did not think the Taz .05% was strong enough for me and I wanted a higher dose.  He bumped me up to the .1% and I feel that I am finally seeing results. I have been using the .1% for a week and I have no actives at all.  My last breakout was really really bad so I have a lot of healed pimples but no new ones, so I'm happy. I also have made an effort to be more consistent with my Doxy which could be helping as well.  I kept forgetting to take it, and the times I remembered to take it I had just eaten something with dairy which is a big no no!! I have taken it everyday as prescribed for the past week along with the Taz and my skin looks ok.  Not perfect, not even close but better than the last couple of weeks.  All I can do now is to continue doing everything I've been doing and hope to continue to improve!! Thanks for reading!!!

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