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Sky Clear

I quit the regimen, started a diff one;

Posted by GodLovesMe., 28 September 2010 · 233 views

Well yeah, it was working AMAZING. but i needed to quit because the bp and moisturizer i was using was full of chemicals. parabens and other chemicals which cause cancer, organ problems, reproductive problems and more. so i switched to a more natural regimen:

♥ My Regimen ♥
since : 09/26/10

(had to change to a natural regimen because Dan's BP...

it's day 7 !

Posted by GodLovesMe., 17 September 2010 · 133 views

I just took a picture and compared it to day 1. it's freaking amazing. i also need to give props to CREMA CONCHA DE NACAR. my hyperpigmentation is fadingg!!
more updated in a week or so.
just know it's working, the regimen works!
Next week i'm gonna order jojoba oil, my skin is a bit dry=premature...

Day 3, mid day :)

Posted by GodLovesMe., 13 September 2010 · 182 views

Well hello there. :rolleyes: lol, it's day 3 on the regimen. i just got back from school, and i wanna say a few things about it. it's AMAZING. in 3 days, i haven't gotten any new pimples!!! i popped like 3 on day 2 and usually this would mean that the next day i'd have about 5. but i didn't have any! i guess the BP kills...


Posted by GodLovesMe., 11 September 2010 · 130 views

Hello, well I received the BP yesterday. A day later than I thought but whatever:)
I started the regimen 09/10/10 at about 8pm. I'll post updates in a week or two to see how i'm doing. i love the BP, it's so nice and doesn't sting (for me) at all, it goes on really smooth and doesn't mess up with the moisturizer. So i'm glad I bought...


Posted by GodLovesMe., 09 September 2010 · 185 views

Hello America, and other countries :(
My name is A**...... but call me Angie (:
This blog will tell YOU how i'm getting rid of my acne, what to use, and how i'm also getting rid of my acne marks(brown/red,not the holes) (if you have wholes i recommend going to w w w . e z p e e l . n e t ((...

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