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Still Day Fifty-Seven

Posted by Pearls, 30 August 2010 · 176 views

I just realized how ridiculous it is to calculate my confidence with points. lol I think I'll abandon that idea...

So I am going to do a "water cleanse" which I read about in another person's blog and it sounds awesome. I'm basically going to drink a ton of water and- to put this pleasantly- take many trips to the bathroom. So I'll hydrate and flush out all the toxins and gross stuff in my body! I'll do this for a full week and be done by the time school starts. Speaking of which....

School starts in nine days!!! I want to be completely clear for the first day (which might actually happen). Using AHA every night should fade my red marks at least a little bit by then and the regimen is still clearing me up.

Here is how my skin looks and feels:
-No flakes
-Soft and smooth
-One pimple (on left cheek)
-Three small skin colored bumps (two on left cheek, one between eyebrows)
-Several red marks (mostly on left cheek, three on right cheek, few on forehead and above lips)
-Light pink blotchiness on chin
-Slight, mostly unnoticeable blotchiness on lower right cheek
-Weird dime-sized grayish looking bruise thing on right side of forehead and left side of bridge of nose (sort of looks like an unmoving shadow, appeared out of nowhere)

What I am using:
-Acne.org cleanser (one pump)
-Acne.org benzoyl peroxide (one finger's length)
-Eucerin fast absorbing lotion plus smoothing essentials (has AHA) as a morning moisturizer (with two drops of acne.org jojoba oil)
-Acne.org AHA+ as a nightly moisturizer (with two to four drops of acne. org jojoba oil)

how's that water cleanse thing going? :- i keep saying i'm going to start... but then my friends feed me lol
Wait what? Are you supposed to not eat for the water cleanse? Oops... I thought it was just to drink a ton of extra water. I guess not eating makes more sense.
yeah you're not supposed to eat, i wish it was just drinking lots of water haha

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