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Week 4

Posted by crystalxo, 04 January 2012 · 142 views

soo week 4 acne seems better skin still on and off dry the huge pimple i was telling you about is getting alot smaller and dry and my big pimple on the other cheek is the same but both are very red... ive been starting to use the aha every other night which could be why my skin is getting dry again but w.e its a lot less dry then it used to be and ive been noticing that the new pimples i have been getting have been going away A LOT faster then before and less cystic acne i hope this continues my skin is pretty dry today so it doesnt look super good.. i find when its dry the acne part looks a lot worse then it truly is...oh well. PLus its freezing outside i hate winter my skin is always better in the summer i hope this winter is the one that changes that and acne.org products continue to work so far im happy with it actually working but very slowly im hoping this month there are a lot of turning points for the good :D that would be splendiferous

neways crystal out

best of luck to the rest of you and me ofcourse

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