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Plan B: 1 Year & 3 Months

Posted by bparker58, 22 November 2013 · 236 views

My regime was more or less a big success – my plan was always to have flawless skin for my wedding and I did it. Throughout the past 8 months, I have been having really good compliments with how flawless my skin looked (of course, there are pimples here and there occasionally but that didn’t bother me at all). I wasn’t even wearing any m...

6 Months Plus

Posted by bparker58, 25 February 2013 · 588 views

My skin was all cleared in around November (yes I'm such a horrible blogger. I stopped writing when my skin was at its best stage). Not sure what happened - perhaps I was slowly using smaller amount of bp? My skin is breaking out again recently. My chin and mouth area is the most problematic area. There are about 5 whiteheads (that kinda turned into pimpl...

2 Months & 23 Days

Posted by bparker58, 27 October 2012 · 350 views

I went to the spa yesterday and the facialist took out almost all of my whiteheads for me. My face was swollen and red. It's getting a little bit better today but you could still see the red marks lingering on my face. Anyways, it's almost 3 months into the regimen. I think there are some improvements, more or less, from the first month. But again,...

2 Months And 15 Days...

Posted by bparker58, 20 October 2012 · 606 views

After struggling with acne in the past million years, I am actually feeling a bit numb. I went out with a friend yesterday and I haven't seen him for a while. The first thing he said to me was, what happened to you? what's with the acne? I know he was saying it casually and it was probably a nonchalant comment, but to me, it felt like someone...

2 Months And 9 Days... The Initial Break Out?

Posted by bparker58, 15 October 2012 · 491 views

Waking up every morning noticing 2 pimples, cystic or not, is not a fun activity. I'm thinking if this is "the initial break out"?

Still trying to stay optimistic though. I just went out with a friend for a nice dinner. I did not and will not let acne control my life. I don't wanna avoid social gatherings because of my skin anymore. I...

2 Months & 7 Days ... Self-Induced Clearing Phrase 2 & 3

Posted by bparker58, 13 October 2012 · 436 views

I haven't had time to update my progress in the past few weeks. Life was hectic with a combination of work and social gatherings. I am actually glad that I have been occupied with work. I had less time to think about my acne problem and I actually had more time to enjoy life. But my skin is still horrible I think. So anyways here's my progress so...

1 Month & 25 Days... Self-Induced Clearing Phrase 1

Posted by bparker58, 01 October 2012 · 638 views

Okay. I got sick and tired of my skin. It is JUST A LITTLE BIT less oily after taking B5 for almost 2 months. But it stops there. I don't mind having oil on my face as long as I am acne-free but that's not the case. I am breaking out with whiteheads on my cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Okay, that sounds like almost everywhere on my...

My Plan B: 1 Month & 22 Days

Posted by bparker58, 28 September 2012 · 339 views

Almost two months and I'm breaking out. There are sooooo many whiteheads on my face right now it's not even funny. On average, I'm getting 2 new inflamed pimples a day. They are mostly from the whiteheads. I'm not sure if my regimen is working or not. Sigh.

My Plan B: 1 Month & 19 Days... What If?

Posted by bparker58, 25 September 2012 · 575 views

So... my skin is breaking out again. There wasn't a drastic progress in the past month or so and now I am experiencing another round of break out. I am not sure if it's because it is still purging or what. But I have been thinking lately that.. what if I am going to suffer from acne for the rest of my life? I feel like I have been controlled by acne...

My Plan B: 1 Month & 17 Days Breaking Out

Posted by bparker58, 23 September 2012 · 534 views

I have been so busy with work lately. But I guess it really distracted me from focusing too much on my skin. :)

Anyways I have been breaking out here and there fit quite some time already. I just popped around 4 pimples (2 on my left cheek, 1 on chin and 1 on right cheek). There are still a huge cyst on my chin and a huge one coming out on my eyebrow....

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