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Adult Non-Inflammatory Acne Hell

Things Not to Bother Trying

Posted by elisabeth90210, 07 December 2009 · 1,095 views

I am a basically dissatisfied person, who cannot, ever, never ever, leave well enough alone. Which is why, after days and days and days and days and days of staring at the same gee-dee uninflamed whiteheads (ant eggs, in other words), I just had to try (again) to use some tough love on them.

I had told myself that I would wait it out - even if it...

Bumps along the way.

Posted by elisabeth90210, 01 December 2009 · 524 views

So - something kind of interesting happened recently. I noticed that I had two "real" pimples (not the evil ant-egg non-inflamed ones I usually get). This was after a couple of weeks of just the non-inflamed ones, so I was pretty used to seeing a face that looked clear unless viewed from the right angle (or wrong angle, as the case may...

KEY ingredients are not ALL the ingredients :(

Posted by elisabeth90210, 20 November 2009 · 1,157 views

Little hint: when an anime character looks at you with enormous doe eyes and says "YES! Only two ingredients!", Do Not Believe Them!!!

After about 4 days of using FANCL washing powder, I began to get suspicious, because it seemed like I was beginning to break out! Not in a huge huge way. One small...

Day 9 Non-Comedogenics Only

Posted by elisabeth90210, 17 November 2009 · 754 views

So, in the last 9 days I've been going completely comedogenic-free.
I'm sick to death of having pimples, and I refuse to put anything on my face that has even a "1" on the comedogenic scale. I'm a pure "0". Wait ... that came out wrong. Anyway ...

My regimen has been really simple: water, apple cider...

Squeezing Leads to Wrinkles?!

Posted by elisabeth90210, 14 November 2009 · 1,356 views

Well things are definitely improving.
I owe this to three factors: reduced consumption of cheese (not sure about this one, but it's having a nice effect on my waistline, so I'm going with it), no longer using comedogenic S**T on my face, and, (and this is a biggie), NOT PICKING MY FACE.

My picking had reached truly obsessive and...

Betrayed by Products!! Comedogenic Invaders!!

Posted by elisabeth90210, 11 November 2009 · 11,384 views

So, when I last blogged, I was just embarking on a path to total acne annihilation. Or so I thought.

I had put some ingredients together for stuff I thought would be a good idea:

- lavender oil (for drawing out impurities
- oregano oil (for fighting bacteria)
- tea tree oil (ditto)
- rose hip seed oil (for combating hyper-pigmentation due...

Body Acne GONE!!!!!

Posted by elisabeth90210, 22 October 2009 · 667 views

This is a rather minor issue, compared to my facial non-inflamed acne condition. The reason it's minor isn't because it's not covering most of my body, but because, well, I can also cover those parts with clothes. The face, not so much (unless I intend to reclaim the moslem half of my heritage and really go for it chador style). So I've...

Faint Hope

Posted by elisabeth90210, 22 October 2009 · 399 views

So, I've been experimenting with this SNIAR (sensitive non-inflamed acne regimen) for about three 4 days now. Yesterday was the first day I started to get really serious (hence the blog creation). And this morning started to show some improvements.

I'm a little in shock. This is the first time in, oh, I don't know, 13 years, that I...

Info Collection: Search for the Ultimate Sensitive Skin Non-Inflamatory Acne Regimen (the SSNIAR)

Posted by elisabeth90210, 21 October 2009 · 395 views

So, I'm now on my search for the ultimate SSNIAR.

"But weren't you always on such a search?" you ask? Oh most definitely not! It is only recently that I even figured out that what I had was "acne" at all! Up to now, I kind of thought I had some kind of rare skin condition, probably so exotic that no one had...


Posted by elisabeth90210, 21 October 2009 · 344 views

It all started thirteen years ago, when I went to a bathroom in a bar (one of those ones with the terrible harsh lighting, that makes you feel really good about yourself, and your ability to apply makeup), and I noticed all these colorless bumps under my skin. I had no idea what they were, but my immediate reaction was "Get Them The Hell Out Of My...

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