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Feeling Hopeless

Posted by lalovelyj, 18 April 2013 · 874 views

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I'm feeling very hopeless right now.  My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck,  ears, chest.  Why didn't it go to my damn back?  I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results.  No more Saw Palmetto for me.  Birth control here I come.  Trying out Ocella.  And yesterday I started juicing.  Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then.  Thinking about cutting my curly fro to a pixie again, my was much healthier when shorter.  I seem to breakout more on hairline, neckline behind ears, ears, neck as my hair gets longer and carries more oil.  Damnit, I just wanted to grow my hair.  Short hair is not a bad thing (I love it), I just wanted a change.
Today, my face hurts.  I attacked it with a extractor last night (warm moist skin of course), it's sore, but 70% of the comedones are gone.  I felt just a bit accomplished when I saw all the buildup come out, but depressed it will be back.  Now I'm stressing about school and Statistics which I may be failing.  College is stressful.  Fuck.

You can do it. Stay strong!

Thank you for your encouraging words =)

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