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Discontinued Shampoo For Acne & Added Vitamins

Posted by lalovelyj, 29 March 2013 · 887 views

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Issue: Congestion on forehead/hairline
Solution: Discontinue Shampoo & substitute baking soda as Shampoo(only on roots/scalp) 1x week for my curly hair.+Vitamins!
This has immensely helped.I even went to the doctor to have my hormones checked, they turned out to be "normal".I also stopped using aloe vera gel in my hair and continued with my Bain De Terre smoothing gel avoiding hairline. I am extremely surprised and happy with the results. I wish i had done this sooner.  I also use tea tree oil all over face after cleansing (avoiding eyes omg) & moisturize with Murad acne lotion (its ok and Im looking for something better,open to suggestions!), Spf wise I use Jergen glow spf 20(just ordered a physical blocker).
My regime:
2)Neostrata Antibacterial cleanser+Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
3)100% pure tea tree oil (all lover face,can be diluted w/water)
4)Jergens Face Glow SPF 20
Same except moistuizer/Retin A
4)Murad Acne Lotion
5)Retin-A (2-3x week)
Vitamins:(1 each) Multi-Vit,Zinc,Fish Oil,Turmeric, Vit D, L-Lysine, Echinacea (for cold/allergies).
Water water and more water Posted Image 
I just ordered samples from Makeup Artists Choice
1)Mandelic acid toner
2)Bleaching gel (hate that word)
3)Gly-Luronic Acid serum
4)Oil free sunscreen SPF 46
5)25% Mandelic acid peel
I have previously tried this brands "Radiance Peel"  years ago,will updates on results.
4/1/13: My skin has dramatically improved just from taking vitamins again and reducing Retin-A to every other night, instead of every night.  My forehead congestion has improved as well.  I should have stopped using shampoo long ago! Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate sucks.

Your regimen sound glamorous! Your skin looks flawless.

Lol, thanks.  My photo is of last year with makeup and good lighting, and I had access to microderm, peels and skin treatments at my old job. My skin is in bad shape right now, because I'm back in school and stressing =/

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