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Adam's Accutane (Claravis) Log

Animal Pack

Posted by wiredshut, 02 March 2012 · 231 views

Hey ya'll still all good over here. Nothing really new to post. I just wanted to ask real quick and didn't know where to post this so I'm going to try here. Did anyone ever use Animal Pack multi-vitamin training packs? I just bought some cause' started working out again and thought they would be a good choice for a multi-vitamin. Anywas, I...

2 Years Update Accutane (Claravis)

Posted by wiredshut, 20 January 2012 · 253 views

It's been a couple months more than 2 years now since I got off of Accutane. My face is still clear except for some scarring that still didn't go away yet (idk if it will ever). I did get like a full blown pimple 2 days ago on my cheek which surprised me and made me concerned because I didn't get one of those since I got off accutane. Also,...

6 Month Update...

Posted by wiredshut, 25 July 2010 · 206 views

So I think it's been about six months now since I got off tane....
Everything is still all good, meaning I haven't really broke out yet except for a small pimple here and there once every while.

I feel much better about my skin now then I did about 5 months ago. The deep scarring has faded a little bit and the natural skin color has come back. I...


Posted by wiredshut, 02 January 2010 · 277 views

I don't think it has been a month yet since I went off tane, but I just wanted to make an entry since my last one was a short one.
My skin seems to be rejuvenating, and by that I mean the dryness is going away and normal skin color is coming back, although I'm still pale. Can't wait to get out in the sun again, hit the beach etc.... When I was...

Day IDK?

Posted by wiredshut, 17 December 2009 · 172 views

I just wanted to come on and make this entry real fast. (will make a longer one tommorow just dont have time now)

Yesterday was my last day on tane!
went to see my derm yesterday and he told me im done. i dont need no more tane.
had 2 more pills left and was gonna take both of them but one broke when i was opening the damn thingy to get it out. liquid...

Day 136

Posted by wiredshut, 12 November 2009 · 182 views

I'm still here although I haven't posted anything in a while. All I can say is LIFE.
So........my face?
It's all clear of zits and bumps which I'm very happy about :D
I'm glad that I started accutane and just hope that it will continue to work even when I stop taking it. To tell you the truth now I'm more scared to go off...

Day 93

Posted by wiredshut, 30 September 2009 · 237 views

Went to see my derm for my monthly check up.
I'm staying at 60mg for this month.

I haven't broken out (got any pimple or anything like that) in like 2 weeks or more now.
But this morning I got a red bump on my left cheek by my eye, it's like 6 hours later now and I think it's fading.

Derm said I'm doing very good and I also think that...

Day 71

Posted by wiredshut, 08 September 2009 · 155 views

Day 71 dayuuum.... I guess it's going pretty fast....
So I have really noticed how bad my scarring is and how much it pisses me off.
I'm basically clear of any actives and all I have now are the red marks , and just weird dark/gray spots which are scars and then the deeper scarring. It sucks balls but hey, at least I'm clearing up and no more...

Day 59

Posted by wiredshut, 27 August 2009 · 130 views

Went to see my derm today, told me I seem to be doing great and he asked me if I wanted to up the dosage. So I will be starting on 60mg now which I'm happy for but at the same time getting prepared for the dryness again. I just hope I wont brake out too much because of the higher dosage.

Third day since my last active which is awesome, I can finally...

Day 51

Posted by wiredshut, 19 August 2009 · 520 views

So I haven't posted an entry in a week or so, mainly because things are the same as they have been a week ago. Nothing has changed, I still get an active here and there and then it disappears. I jinxed myself on the working out part though, after posting the entry about not feeling sore and being all wooptie doo and shiz, next day I couldn't get out...

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