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August 26 - Derm Prescribes New Course Of Accutane, Different Drug 'epuris'

Posted by monopoly, 26 August 2013 · 2,023 views
epuris, accutane
August 26 - Derm Prescribes New Course Of Accutane, Different Drug 'epuris' I just wrote a thread, replied to a reply I got on my previous post, so I figured I'd do a quick update on my blog.
The minocycline antibiotics that I was prescribed last month worked. While on them I experienced 0 pimples, so that was nice. The entire time I was on them I kept thinking to myself, 'ugh, is an antibiotic really worth taking if my sk...

July 10 2013 - Some Bumps Along The Road

Posted by monopoly, 10 July 2013 · 358 views

I just wanted to check in quickly to kind of keep a record of my progress. Obviously I finished Accutane about a year and a half ago, however over the last few months I've noticed that I get a big nasty pimple near my mouth. After a few days to a week it goes away, however a few weeks or a month later a new one comes back.  :S So far this has ha...

1 Year Anniversary Update (Roughly)

Posted by monopoly, 14 July 2012 · 552 views

It's been a while since I've updated, and that is because there is nothing really to update on.

Which is a good thing!

I have clear skin now, so I've just been clear, and thus no real update!

I am extremely HAPPY that the Accutane worked. I am 23, and I started getting acne since I was 11 years old, so for half my life I never saw a...

Day 143 - Acne free, no big deal

Posted by monopoly, 21 September 2011 · 535 views

I haven't updated my blog in so long, I've been meaning to but nothing has been eventful with my face, nothing but continuous improvement. Every month my blood tests come back healthy, and every month it just seems like my skin couldn't get any better. At my last apt with my derm he said that I'm acne free,..."except for that one little zit...

Day 87 - Almost Done 1st Course!

Posted by monopoly, 28 July 2011 · 344 views


I haven't been here in a while and I do not have too too much to report on, even though I should be updating more.

Anyway, I saw my dermatologist a couple weeks ago for a check up on my monthly blood test results. Everything turned out fine as usual, and we discussed doing another course. He wrote me a prescription for 2 months more of Accutane...

Day 65 Update

Posted by monopoly, 06 July 2011 · 223 views


I just wanted to quickly pop by and say that I have a little over 3 weeks left until I am done Accutane. I just took pictures of myself and compared them to before pictures and there has been a huge and wonderful difference in terms of blemishes and breakouts. It seems as if Accutane has really helped the red marks go away a lot (which my derm told...

Day 56 - Dry nose

Posted by monopoly, 25 June 2011 · 243 views


There really isn't nothing new to report. The big breakouts from the sunscreen/olive oil saga are subsiding. They were never really breakouts, just big mounds that rose out of my skin. The one on my cheek is going away the fastest along with the one on my forehead, but the 2 on my chin are still quite visible, and I think another breakout is...

Day 50 - Time flies, Halfway done!

Posted by monopoly, 20 June 2011 · 172 views


Well technically I am over halfway done my Accutane course, and I know now is really where all the change is supposed to be happening. I still have some bumps from last week's breakouts from what was either the olive oil or SPF 70 that my derm gave me. I hope it was the SPF 70 that made me break out because I'll feel better putting the blame...

Day 43 - Breakouts :(

Posted by monopoly, 13 June 2011 · 251 views


Around last mid-week I began to notice my skin getting red breakouts on my forehead and on my chin and the left side. I don't understand why this could be, especially since a lot of progress has been made so far.

I'm trying to figure out why this may be and have come to the conclusion that it may have been the olive oil I was putting on my...

Day 36 - Blackheads Gone!

Posted by monopoly, 06 June 2011 · 331 views


The majority of my week consists of me getting up really early and then rushing the last 10 minutes to get ready. I don't understand why this happens as I have a ton of time to get ready! And I'm always late, I hate it! This leaves me with little to no time to do my makeup. My makeup routine consists of black liquid eyeliner on my...