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Dealing With My Depression As A Result Of Acne/ Skin Damage

Posted by ambchick, 14 January 2012 · 332 views

So I have to say I never thought I would have been a skin picker. As selfish as it probably sounds I just HATE my skin and if it were an option I'd get a face transplant, because the damage and red marks from acne and my bad habit have just made my self esteem about as low as it gets. Its not even just the marks, its the hassle of trying to cover them,...

Month 2 Accutane Update

Posted by ambchick, 06 January 2012 · 2,823 views

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my skin SUCKS. I have red marks on my ENTIRE face and pretty much hate myself at the moment... also am pretty downed at having to wear 3 layers of makeup and still look like crap. I am currently on 60 mg a day and it isnt doing anything besides drying my face out beyond belief.. plus I picked at a spot and now it...

Day 18 Accutane

Posted by ambchick, 03 December 2011 · 273 views

Ok so heres the deal, most of my skin has already improved tremendously... However I havent been using moisturizer so I should probably go get some... these peeling red marks are AWFUL in certain places... I'm hoping with time and in a few more months of treatment they'll go away? bc the skin is healing funny like wrinkly and then peeling off and being red...

Day 3 Accutane

Posted by ambchick, 18 November 2011 · 640 views

Well as you probably predicted, nothing new has happend! Besides I have one pimple on the side of my face, I think from the meds. Is it sad that I am excited for the Initial Breakout to happen full force? Just so everything inside of my faces gets out for good and the real healing begins. Once again as a reminder, I am on 40 mg. I am not sure if my...

Just Took My First Accutane Pill!

Posted by ambchick, 16 November 2011 · 247 views

I am one very happy girl! I will try and post weekly or bi weekly updates :) Maybe even a few pictures... We shall see! Let the fun begin!


Posted by ambchick, 10 November 2011 · 154 views

700$ per month for my accutane. Great. 4,200 less in my bank account coming right up :(

:*( So Mad At Myself

Posted by ambchick, 06 November 2011 · 154 views

Today was going suprisingly well. I my face wasnt even that bad. and then , I picked. Just a little while ago. It wasnt even that bad but i am so mad at myself i cant believe i let this happen again, it is by far the worst vicious cycle ever. I thought I was going to have an excellent week, i even got my nails done today, and now this! So much for...

Every Day Is A New Chance To Start Over

Posted by ambchick, 04 November 2011 · 202 views

Have you ever had those days where you have just gone through so much, that you let all the anger and sadness go, and have trouble remembering what ever made you mad in the first place? 11 days til accutane Posted Image can't wait... excited to know that one day I will have it all back...

Done Feeling Sorry For Myself?

Posted by ambchick, 03 November 2011 · 222 views

So I've found that wearing coverup on my acne makes me feel a little bit better. I have had about 3 meltdowns this week over various things regarding my skin, and I am stopping myself right now for a matter of reasons.I have been looking back on old photgraphs on my skin a few years ago, right before I went on accutane,and right after. The results were...

My Acne Dysmorphia

Posted by ambchick, 03 November 2011 · 148 views

I have the worst time with this condition, any spots on my face that I get at all completley lead me to believe that my face is abnormal disgusting, and ugly. I always see myself in the worst possible way. I am tired of it :(

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