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the journey to happiness

and so it starts...

Posted by rachel31, 10 August 2007 · 94 views

Words simply cannot express how truely happy i am. I finally feel like i am recieving the care and attention i need. My new dermatologist Dr. Natarajan is a bloomin god send. During my consultation he examined my skin with a microscope thingy that was attached to his forehead (looked quite stylish...might try it out), asked me many questions about my skins...

D Day

Posted by rachel31, 04 August 2007 · 116 views

Upon my acne returning i decided i would like to try a new facial treatment alongside taking Doxycycline, in the hopes that both would attack the acne direct, killing it brutally (hhhmmm maybe i should enroll in a anger management class?). You see, the way i try to combat acne, and what i would like to think is a sensible and well thought out approach in to...

the beginning is the best place to start...

Posted by rachel31, 03 August 2007 · 133 views


Let me introduce myself. My name is Rachel. I live in a small town in the North East of England called Durham. Its a place oozing historical value, what with it's Catherdral and Castle...and a few statue's of dead guys that fought in an important battle or whatever in the 1600's. Anywho...

...i'm around 5"3, slim build,...

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