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Small acne

Posted by kbnguyen, 16 November 2009 · 136 views

Its been a few months since Ive been off accutane and now I have small little pimples on my cheeks. They're not that bad but its a bit annoying. :D

my regime

Posted by kbnguyen, 01 October 2009 · 116 views

Since I've been off of Accutane my regime is

Wash face with water
Moisturize with Olay complete SPF 15
Foundation - clinque even better SPF 15
The moisturizer and foundation contain vitamins which help the scars

Wash face in shower with Olay regenerist cleanser (exfoliator)
Moisturize with Body Shop Vitamin E

Skin is doing...

No more acne!!!!!!!

Posted by kbnguyen, 21 September 2009 · 112 views

It has been a month since I have been off accutane and my skin is looking excellent!

Road block

Posted by kbnguyen, 20 July 2009 · 117 views

I went to the doctor and the period thing is all good. Nothing wrong with me.

But, he said I might be the 20% that Accutane does not work. I have two pimples on my nose bridge and he said thats a bad sign. So I'm going to stay on accutane for another 3 months. oh pooo!

Almost done!

Posted by kbnguyen, 11 July 2009 · 125 views

My skin is almost perfect! YAY! I'll post a picture.

Side effects:
DRY DRY lips
dry eyes
If I hurt myself and bleed it takes a long time for the wound to heal (thin blood)

I drank alcohol and now my period is all wacko. Its been a week and a half and still hasn't stopped. I'm scarred!

Day 120 - being happy!

Posted by kbnguyen, 04 May 2009 · 71 views

my acne has cleared quite a lot. there are just a lot of red spots from the acne but nothing make up can't hide. i use clinque superfit makeup or something like that and its really nice!

side effects:
bad bad stomach aches
the worst period of my life (i felt like fainting and puking)
sun burns on the shoulder
peeling of skin on arms
dry dry dry...

Day 90 - Smoking pot!?

Posted by kbnguyen, 02 April 2009 · 234 views

So it was my 19th birthday on March 29th and I didn't drink. It was very upsetting because when you turn legal you're suppose to drink and it only happens once. Anyways, I have decided that smoking pot is a safe bet. I'm celebrating my 19th tonight and I'll tell everybody what happens later!

Any objections?

Day 80 - Sick and dry skin

Posted by kbnguyen, 26 March 2009 · 79 views

Oh, it's that time of year when no one wants to get sick. It's the end of the school year and everything is due. Exams... Papers... Projects... Assignments... SIGH. Due to the busy schedule, my stress has been effecting my immune system, therefore I am sick.

Skin wise: very dry around the neck and ear lobe area. I use clinique moisturizer which...

Day 70 - Start of the 3rd dose

Posted by kbnguyen, 16 March 2009 · 120 views

Hey everyone!!!

So I got a new dosage. One day I take 2 40mg and then the next day I take just 1 40mg and then alternate. It's going fine to far. My face still sucks. I'll post pictures up later. I still get the odd big-cyst-that-lasts-forever once in a while. I got one on my cheek right now.

The doctor thought that I'm weird...

Day 55 - Dry skin!

Posted by kbnguyen, 03 March 2009 · 79 views

Wow... I have never had such dry skin! My skin is peeling!!! My face and neck have lots of dry patches. The cold dry weather doesn't help either. Face is breaking out again... oh that good ol' monthly friend. My always gets worst when it happens.

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