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The Plan

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 30 June 2009 · 197 views

I'm not gonna stay up late at night.
I'm going to take antibiotics.
I'm going to take Diane 35 and Cipralex on time.
I won't pick my skin. I promise.


I keep breaking my promises.

I have to be serious now. really serious. Picking leads to bumps, redness, whiteheads, and infections...when will i learn.

God help me stop.

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 30 June 2009 · 244 views

Why am I breaking out so much all of a sudden. So many blackheads! O_O

I started to take antibiotics again. And I cant seem to stop picking on my face

My old habit is suddenly returning. i have to stop. I have an interview on Thursday. I really shouldn't pick tomorrow and wednesday.

I have to stop picking from tomorrow and throughout until July...


Posted by A Case of Nuts, 20 June 2009 · 207 views

I need to follow strict regimen and not look at my face late at nights or when I'm sad!

Getting pimples all of a sudden

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 20 June 2009 · 365 views

Still on Diane 35, but all of a sudden, I started to get small pimples on one of my cheeks. ARRRG
and i popped the whiteheads. O_O

Really depressed now

Must not do it.. from June 20th until July 4th! :wall:

And I really need a job or else I will shoot myself in the head.

Walk away from the mirror

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 18 June 2009 · 219 views

I should never ever ever look at myself in the mirror. O_O

I HAVE TO STOP. Not picking for one week will make such a difference!

I have to hang on until July 4th. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.


Posted by A Case of Nuts, 17 June 2009 · 194 views

:wall: I have been picking on my face for the past FIVE DAYS. :redface: :( :( :(

I am sad. I am so sad. I'm unemployed, so my anxiety is much worse, and it was also my PMS week. I picked on small bumps causing them to be even more noticeable. :(

I am so fucking sad now. I don't want to go anywhere. I am just ugggggh. I wanna stop. I have...

Gotta stop

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 02 June 2009 · 133 views

O_O Ugh, I had a few small whiteheads from picking on blackheads from a few days ago!

I am going to let them heal. I am not going to pick on my blackheads no more! That's it!

No more touching. :wall:

June 3rd-June 10th ....my first goal is to last one week.

Plan to stop picking

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 01 June 2009 · 169 views

The plan is to not pick on my blackheads for a week, then two weeks, then three.

Sigh. frustration, anger, and such leads me to act this way. Arg.

I have to exercise and eat healthy, take pills on time, and everything will be okay.

Keep hands away. Do not touch my skin! Do not! Tuesday-Saturday. Most definitely don't!

Picking Marathon

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 13 April 2009 · 143 views

My skin is alright when covered with foundation, but still needs to heal after I've picked on my blackheads.

I have to leave my face alone until Friday.

Much better

Posted by A Case of Nuts, 11 April 2009 · 133 views

My face looks much better. My chest and back are fine
but i keep scratching my scalp and it is getting worse!!!

Picking, scratching any part of my body definitely leads to whiteheads and pimples.

I should stop. Seriously.

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