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Apple Cider Vinegar - Miracle Product!

Posted by unsp0kenwords, 03 July 2009 · 2,572 views

Hey everyone!  :D

I just wanted to do a quick update on my skin. It's looking and feeling fabulous!
I've been viewing a lot of skin care videos on youtube and I came across this girl's video on how to make a DIY acne/scar reducing mask. and let me tell you, WOW! It's awesome.
It's a mixture of apple cider vinegar, green tea, honey, and sugar! I use the mask every morning, and at night I apply the apple cider vinegar/green tea toner. It does miraculous things, I tell you. My skin has not broken out since I started using it and my skin texture/complexion looks so smooth, clear, and healthy. I think I'm getting my glow back!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE read about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar but not applying it on my face. my skin is pretty sensitive, so I was kind of scared to try it. but, I'm in awe right now at how great this stuff is. I've also read that it reduces those red acne marks that I've been desperately trying to get rid of, but I haven't seen much of a difference yet because I just started using it. I have noticed that the marks appear a little lighter.  I can't wait to see further results!!!!  :dance:

I have a wedding to attend on July 5th, and I really want my skin to be at its best. I don't mind the marks, they can easily be covered up with some concealer and foundation. I just pray to god that I don't break out because the bumps even when concealed will be noticeable.

so here is a more detailed description on how to make this wonderful mask and toner!  :cool:

P.S: I stopped using the Murad cleanser because I was viewing the forums and apparently, it has broken a lot of people out. I didn't want to take any chances, but thankfully this apple cider vinegar method is really working! wheeeeeeeeeee!

How long have you been using it?

How long have you been using it?

4-5 days. It has dried up any blemishes I had significantly. I haven't developed any new ones, and the texture of my skin is completely smooth. really wonderful product.
Hey unsp0kenwords,I also saw this video y'day on youtube... And I was loking forward to try it.. But I thought doing some research on it.. And I came across your post.. Since you have already tried it and its working well for you.. Please answer my queries :Did you have any active acne when you first tried this?Does this work only on acne marks or acne as well?I have 3-4 active acne right now.. This is just before my menses.. I have reddish - brown marks on my cheeks.. I have kinda sensitive skin.. I have used ACV, green tea and honey before but separately.. I am just worried about sugar.. As I have not used it before.. U said you are using the mask everyday.. But the girl in video says to use it 2xweek.. Is it ok to use it everyday?Please also tell me about the proportions you used of ACV and green tea for both the mask and toner.. I know too many questions.. But I'll b glad to you if you could answer them.. Thanxx...

Did you have any active acne when you first tried this?Does this work only on acne marks or acne as well?

I did have active acne when I first tried this method. It almost instantly dried them up though and left a scab, which would later fall off on its own.This does not only work on acne, but It also works quite well on acne marks. I can see them get a bit lighter the more I use it. I think with prolonged use, I can get rid of them completely. I've only been using it for a week now, and it definitely looks a whole lot better.

U said you are using the mask everyday.. But the girl in video says to use it 2xweek.. Is it ok to use it everyday?

I think its gentle enough to use every day. Try to start off with 1-2x a week, see if you notice any difference. If you start to notice your skin responding well to it and getting a bit better, begin to use it more. I find that using it every day helps to speed up the process. I also have sensitive skin, but the sugar and the ACV do not irritate my skin...it might sting a bit in the beginning. I use the mask more like a scrub...I let it sink in for 5-10 minutes, then as I wash it off, I gently scrub the areas in circular motions barely applying pressure where I'm prone to acne and where I have marks.

Please also tell me about the proportions you used of ACV and green tea for both the mask and toner..

MASK1 teaspoon of ACV2 teaspoons of honey (I use organic)2 teaspoons of freshly brewed green tea5 teaspoons of sugar (or brown sugar)TONER1 part ACV2 parts Green Teadepending on what kind of jar or bottle you use.hope this helped! :- feel free to ask as many questions as you like.
Hey there,Thanks a lot for answering all those questions.. :) I was actually waiting for your reply before I could do this.. Now I feel safe to use the mask and toner.. :D I'm going to make it today.. I'll post my results as soon as I'm done with it.. I hope it works for me.. :- Oh btw.. I hope u looked great for the wedding you had to attend.. :)
Hey there,Ok so I tried both the mask and toner y'day.. After taking steam I applied the mask on my face.. And gently massaged in circular motions for nice 5 minutes.. While doing this I was feeling so nice.. I only wished if someone else had given me massage... so I could relax completely.. :D Anyways after that I kept it for 10 minutes.. And then washed off.. I did not notice any difference immediately.. So I thought may be it takes some time to show the results.. So I just got busy in some work.. And after half an hour or so I went back to check my face in the mirror.. And I was amazed to see that face was actually glowing.. I did not see much difference in my acne and brown marks.. But the glow was soooo good.. And the best part was it stayed until I went to bed which is great.. :) So before going to bed I applied the toner.. In the morning I woke up praying that it works for me.. I quickly checked myself in the mirror.. And my face was still glowing.. And I was like what the hell.. This thing is amazing.. I washed face with my cleanser.. n checked again.. All my acne had reduced in size.. They were less noticeable.. Also I did not get any new spot.. :- There is very slight improvement in the marks thought.. But I'm overall really happy.. I mean c'mon you cant expect things to turn overnight.. I'm glad its working for me.. I plan to use the mask everyday like you until my acne disappear.. Also the toner I think its very good for the marks... I love this natural stuff.. I just hate to depend on those medications... This is soooo much better.. Also doesnt have any side effects.... :D Anyways I'll post again after some more results... Meanwhile you also keep updating.....- Cya :)
Update - Ok.. so I have used both the mask and toner for 4-5 days.. I liked everything about in in the first 2 days.. But after that it didn't do much to my skin.. Before I started this I had 5-6 mild acne.. But in last 2 days I got 2 moderate acne.. They are pretty huge compared to others.. And worst part is whenever I do the mask my acne gets inflamed.. I mean I can bear the red ones.. But when it gets head I just panic.. I think its a good mask but probably using it everyday is not such a good idea for my skin.. Toner is fine.. I am not going to use it until I get rid of the bumps.. Then I might give it a try again.. Will use it once in week then...Anyways I hope its still working for you.. Cya

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