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Lush Herbalism Cleanser
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Lush Herbalism Cleanser


Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Kaolin, Kaolin, Glycerine, Glycerine, Chlorophyllin Water (Aqua), Chlorophyllin Water (Aqua), Nettle, Rosemary, Rice Vinegar Extract (Urtica dioica, Rosmarinus officinalis), Rice Bran (Oryza sativa), Rice Bran (Oryza sativa), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Perfume, Perfume.

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Lush Herbalism Cleanser

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Lush Herbalism Cleanser

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Made my skin less red
Reviewed on January 3, 2015

I use this along with Lush's Grease Lightning.

I have always had red/pink cheeks and nose along with acne. This has taken almost all of the red out of my face; it's amazing. My acne is practically gone too. I'm 24 and thought I was always going to have acne but I think I finally found products that work for me

If you have combination skin with redness problems; use this

Great cleanser, but I won't be using it for acne.
Reviewed on September 23, 2014

I recently purchased this product in an attempt to break free from harsh chemical facewashes. Within two days of using it I noticed a lot of my acne had toned down, and red marks had begun fading. I used this product twice a day for four weeks, morning and night. The first two weeks were great, my breakouts were reduced and my face had cleared up incredibly! (my boyfriend even commented that when he uses it his face feels "radiant" and "glowing"!) By the three week mark, I had gotten a large cystic breakout on my chin and jaw and by four weeks my acne had returned.

While I absolutely LOVE this product, I do believe I'll be returning to my other facewash to get rid of breakouts.

I'll definitely be trying it again when I feel my skin is in a better condition to do so, because this product is AMAZING!


It makes your skin feel clean

Good exfoliate

Not harsh at all

It smells amazing! Very earthy

It cleared me up within a few days

Gives skin a nice glow/radiance/makes it look very healthy

It got rid of A LOT of blackheads on my nose somehow


I honestly can't think of any, this product is excellent, but not what I need right now. I'll be coming back to it when I have clearer/easier to manage skin.

The only thing that has ever worked for me!
Reviewed on July 4, 2014

I've always had trouble with acne, but it all changed when I started Herbalism. When I first started using it I broke out A LOT. I went back to the store to return it, but the girl working explained that the product was going to pull everything forward, causing a breakout in the beginning, and then it would in turn soothe my skin- about a 2 week proccess. I decided to try it again and I couldn't be happer! I dont have as many blackheads or under the skin pimples.

Scrubs such as St. Ives can be very rough on the skin, causing small abbrasions that can easily get infected or filled with dirt, causing more acne. Herbalism is such a gentle scrub so it does not damage your skin.

The only downfall is that I don't feel like it completely removes all of my makeup, so I use Ultrabland to remove excess eye makeup prior, and sometimes I finish with an ocean salt scrub just to be extra clean. I rub my face with coconut oil afterwards, and surprisingly it has not caused any further breakouts.

Reviewed on February 13, 2014

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an exfoliator to use on their sensitive skin. Personally, I can't use most exfoliators because they tend to do more harm than good. However, herbalism does an amazing job of exfoliating my skin without leaving me feeling like I just scrubbed my face with sand paper. I wash my face with herbalism in the morning before applying makeup because it removes any flakiness or dry skin that I have. The only downside is that it hasn't really made a difference in my acne. I'm also currently using Lush's tea tree water and Neutrogena's All-in-One treatment.

Best cleanser ever
Reviewed on January 21, 2014


I had light occasional breakouts through my mid-teens that would just get worse if I tried to use regular face washes and exfoliants. I'm a freshman in college now and in the past few months had been experiencing really painful, deep pimples all over my forehead, temples, chin, and cheeks. My skin would also flake a LOT around my nose and forehead after washing and then get really oily throughout the day.


Out of all of the cleansers and exfoliants I've ever used, Herbalism is by far the best. It comes in a kind of squishy patty shape in a plastic container. The label says it's good for about four months before it's time to toss (if you have any left). It has an earthy kind of "green" smell that's unusual but not unpleasant. It's sometimes a little tricky to get the right consistency because you have to break off a small bit, crumble it in your palm, and add a small amount of water to create a paste, but it's not runny and is super easy to massage into your skin. I feel like the wicked witch of the west when I wash my face because of the green color, which is fun. Its texture creates a nice gentle exfoliant that gets every bit of dead or flaky skin off without being harsh or gritty, which I love because I have VERY delicate skin. After every wash (I use it at night before bed), my face feels soft, smooth, and balanced. My acne has quickly faded, and the few new pimples I've gotten have gone away within just a couple of days after appearing. My skin also no longer flakes as soon as it dries and gets nowhere near as oily throughout the day. I highly recommend this for everyone with combination/problem skin. It's a miracle product for my crazy sensitive skin as well. The fact that Lush is a vegan brand (no animal byproducts or animal testing) and has employees that really know their stuff and helped me pick the perfect products is just the icing on the cake.


I have been using Herbalism Cleanser in combination with Tea Tree Water Toner, Imperialis Facial Moisturizer, and Grease Lightning Spot Treatment. I and my friends have noticed that my face has a new healthy glow, too!

Reviewed on May 19, 2013

This was my first Lush product, and I reeeaaaly wanted to like it--I really did. However, I actually think it made my skin worse, AKA causing more breakouts. It did make my face softer and smoother, but even St. Ives can do that, and for a much lower price as well. It also smelled funny and left this disturbing residue on my face, which normally would've irked me beyond belief. However, it didn't, since I was trying so hard to like it. I'm sorry Lush, but this just ain't working out for me.

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Reviewed on March 25, 2012

I love this product! I am in 7th grade and I just started breaking out, and I was having oily skin...I was really concerned and tried everything in the market! I was on the lookout for a good cleanser, and I am glad I found this one!

Reviewed on May 3, 2011

first off all i love lush i adore it and i use alot of lush stuff in my skin care routine, when i first got this it worked i used whole pot, then i had to stop as i was getting breakouts in places i dont break out in much. i still sometimes use it, its good for big breakouts but shouldnt be used all time !

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Reviewed on September 29, 2010

It has been 2 months since I first use this product. I still am being troubled with acne that occurred using this..

Before, I never had any acne on my cheeks or my forehead, which now I do.

I mean, I had one or two on my chin, but never this much acne that can cover my cheeks and my forehead.

If I knew using this product will cause me to have permanent acne scarring on my cheeks, I would've never! never! use this... (yes, I squeezed my big white puffy acne on my cheeks..)

It can be very risky trying new products..

Currently, I've recovered 85% from the damage.

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Reviewed on April 2, 2010

I prefer herbalism to coal face. It's a light exfoliant makes my skin glow and my pores are much smaller.