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High glycemic index foods and dairy products linked to acne
Reviewed on June 1, 2014

High glycemic index foods and dairy products linked to acne

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Reviewed on December 4, 2012

i have been on a strict diet for 5 years now.







Anyone would tell you that i am EXTREMELY

disciplined. I am 5'4 108 pounds...i exercise , do ballet, and NEVER EVER cheat on my diet...i have not had any fruit in 6 months and very little brown rice....i mainly eat green vegetable , fish and chicken, some seeds and nuts...i have eaten purely organic and natural for 20 years...i take many whole food supplements along with fish oil, probiotics, etc...i still have acne...in fact its the worst it has ever been...i am 37. I truly do not know what on earth i could change...it is a total mystery why i have moderately severe acne.. so before you blame anyone for their acne...thinking its their fault...you are wrong.

by UniformHealth on 02/08/2015 18:58
If you have lost you cycle getting to 115-120 may help restore your skin [link removed]
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Reviewed on September 29, 2012

This was really amazing when I discovered this diet - at first when I started it and then saw results so quickly I just went all out and was completely strict. All my large spots just 'deflated' on their own and except for slight redness they pretty much disappeared in a day or two. Whiteheads just deflated and fell off in a few days. Crucially no new spots came at ALL! People noticed a lot - my mum even & some friends. I still have the scars - although they heal way quicker - it doesn't help that much with this but they lose their 'bumpiness'

I used the 'paleolithic' diet (search it) which means nothing humans wouldn't have eaten a few thousand years ago. The high-sugar levels in your blood from eating carbs like bread, cereals, chocolate etc which are broken down into glucose extremely quickly cause oil productiom & stop the skin 'shedding'.

Humans did not suffer from acne before! It is a modern 'disease', least in terms of the last few hundred years.

I made some mistakes at first that can trick you out - eg eating potatoes & similar 'starchy' vegetables which are some of the worst glycemic indexes of all foods.

And DRIED fruit - pretty bad too.

Replaced with lots of nuts and loads of fruit. I think I may be slightly allergic though so don't have many nuts anymore

Basically a godsend!

For science behind it & foods to eat / not eat read lorain cordain's The Acne Diet. Not essential though

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Reviewed on July 1, 2012

This was the sole cause of acne for me, although it took me all of my teenage and early twenties to figure it out. Those medium sized and large bumps on the sides of my face simply don't happen anymore--unless i break my "diet", in which case they arrive right on time. Definitely worth trying if you're serious about clearing your skin. Eat carbs that have fiber, NO sugar, no dairy.