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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - Levulan, MAL, etc.
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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - Levulan, MAL, etc.


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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - Levulan, MAL, etc.

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - Levulan, MAL, etc.

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Reviewed on August 30, 2010

Expensive, but worth it if you can afford it.

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Reviewed on August 23, 2010

I have struggled with ance for 14 years. I finally decided that I wanted to put an end to it. I got a Levulan treatment done 5 months ago. The first three days I had to black out ALL the windows. Even the little bit of light coming in from the windows made it burn.

After the "sunburn" went away (two weeks) my skin felt really soft. I had started feeling really good. Around two months my skin starting get more acne. Then it got worse. I started getting MORE ACNE then I had before the Levulan. It also changed the type of acne.

I use to have small red bumps that went away fairly fast. Now I have CYSTIC ACNE. I have WAY MORE ACNE. The acne all groups together and stays under the skin.

Reviewed on August 11, 2010

So i have been reading these reviews and finally decided to have one myself. I have hormonal acne ( i'm 25,f) and lot of acne scars, ice picks and so on, oily skin.... you name it I had it. So before trying laser I gave it a chance and sooo happy I did. If you're like me desperate and every dollar counts, try this you shouldn't be disappointed. Skin is so much better. Do it on friday, so on monday you would be ready to go to work. Redness for the first 2-3 days and then peeling starts. But it's so worth it!!!!

Before you concider laser try this. I'm going back for 2nd appointment on satturday.

Good luck to all of you!

Reviewed on July 24, 2010

I would do it again. After 2 treatments, my skin did not have crazy breakouts like before. It could be because I resumed using BP right after levulan. But I believe the levulan blue light helped a lot. My girlfriend also noticed the difference.

Reviewed on July 23, 2010

Levulan is the latest treatment I have used in my decades-long battle with acne. I tried everything under the sun: topicals, oral antibiotics, Accutane (twice), and the acne persisted. I tried Murad, which was expensive and ineffective; and I was ferociously allergic to ProActiv (probably the benzoyl peroxide). I had my hormones tested, altered my diet, tried meditation, visualization; you name it, I’ve probably done it. The breakouts had been worsening lately, including cysts. Even photofacials did not make much of a difference.

Levulan is supposed to shut down the sebaceous glands that create acne. The reviews on Levulan are mixed, but leaning toward positive results, so I decided to get the treatment late last month.

You will definite need at least a week to heal. No sunlight allowed! (You will be hypersensitive to sun exposure and at greater risk for skin damage, pigmentation and swelling). During my appointment, I had the Levulan on my face for about an hour, and then had the light procedure. Afterwards, my face stung. It was uncomfortable but not intolerable. I made the mistake of drinking coffee before my appointment—it will make you more sensitive to the pain. The next day, my face was very pink, puffy, scabby, blotchy, and even blistered in small areas. I was forewarned, so it was not upsetting or shocking to me. Be prepared to look pretty bad for a few days while your skin works to heal itself. Three days later, the swelling was nearly gone and my skin was less pink, but I had lots of dark pigmentation. My face looked like mottled French toast. Four days after, I experienced significant peeling. Still looked scary. A week and a half after the procedure, most of the peeling was over.

A month later, I am happy with the results—my skin is MUCH softer & clearer. As a veteran of nearly every product on the market, I only wish that this procedure had existed when I was a teen—it would have spared many of us years of frust

Reviewed on July 9, 2010

I just had Levulan Blu Light PDT on my face TODAY!!! I am 30 yrs old battling cystic acne since I was 15...Ive tried accutane 3x, antibiotics, tazarac, you name it, ive tried it...Accutane at ages 19, 21, 23 and yes, it cleared up my chest and back and forehead, and it worked while I was on it but it frigged up my eyesight!! but now at 30, my derm put me on aldactone 100mg a day bcz I get hormonal cysts on my cheeks and OUCH cortosone injections every month,( My prblem is hormonal and genetic bcz my mother had bad skin adn I break out BAD right before my menstrual period.) Well its time I took it up a notch so I read all your reviews and I started levulan blu light today..I have to do 3 more treatments, my last one will be on October 22. So I had the nurse clean my face with accetone, then she applied the stick of levulan and I "incubated" for 1 hr and 10 min and it stung and it burned and my face looked RED..then she put me under the blu light for 15min. It was burning but nothing crazy...I took a vicodine and she had a fan on my face the whole time. Right now i feel like I have a bad sun burn, they gave me some aquaphor and other anti itch ointment to put on, but I just did this today so I will keep everyone posted..I am soooo hopeful this will clear me up because I cried so much hoping this will work..15 years battling acne is not fun. It has taken a huge toll on me, emotionally. Wish me luck!!

Reviewed on May 7, 2010

This treatment works! My skin is almost flawless now. But if you plan on getting the treatment or just had it done, you must know what to expect. Plan to not show your face in public for a while! Your skin looks TERRIBLE for about two weeks after the treatment while it heals. It gets worse before it gets better. You may experience scabbing, bumps, more acne, redness, dry/flakey skin. I expeienced ALL of this! At this stage, I felt so self concious and I was terrified that this is how my skin would look forever! But it goes away to reveal beautiful skin. The second time around, I used AcneFree Severe System retinol ointment and it cut the healing time in half! The retinol promotes skin cell repair and regeneration. It does make your skin peel more when you first start but that's part of the rejuvenation process. I also used Vinegar, it helps balance the pH of your skin, promotes circulation, and is a natural antiseptic so your skin doesn't get infected. Smells awful but works wonders!

Wash your face with a mild soap, don't scrub, be gentle!

Pat dry.

Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and apply to face. It will sting, so beware!

Let your skin dry for 15 minutes then put the retinol ointment on.

Let that soak in for about 5 minutes and then use a very good sensitive skin moisturizer!

Keep your skin well moisturized! I put lotion on about every half hour just to keep my skin from scabbing. I used Jergens Ultra Healing during the day and baby oil gel at night for EXTRA hyration.

Don't go out into the sun. This will FRY your skin and make it hurt and look worse! Use the highest SPF you can find, if you must go outside.

Anyway, good luck and hang in there! :)

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Reviewed on April 29, 2010

bottom line, this will work. You may need more than one treatment, and it may cause you to breakout for a week or so after getting the treatment done, but it will work.

IF you have only just barely had this treatment and have not fully recovered, or if you have not given it enough time, please dont review this. YES is will be nasty for a few days to a week, YES it might get worse before it gets better, but it DOES work, and those of you on here complaining when your only your 4th day in are just wasting everyones time and ruining the reviews for something that really does work!!

Talk to your dermatologist/aesthetician, and try this out. Just make sure you have a couple weeks before any major event so your skin can recover.

Oh, it was $350 per treatment where I went. So it isnt all that expensive.

Reviewed on April 6, 2010

I have been battling 1 to 2 cystic acne on my chin per month mostly and the occasional one on my nose, but after having this treatment done 2 weeks ago I have 5 or 6 on my chin and 2 on my nose! My skin is dry and still stings too. I had Levulan put on my face, then IPL, then blu u, then came back and had blu u again week 2. Now a week later my face is a war zone! Worse than before - it seems like this was a waste of money - I am going back to my doctor this week - have been on Doxycycline and retin-A for 3 months with no luck. Booooooo.

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Reviewed on March 24, 2010

Do not blow your money on this procedure it is not worth it and in my case made my acne worse and irritated my skin. I do think that they are on the right track with the idea thought just have alot more research to do on what skin types it will work for and better techynology and types