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Lemon Juice (applied topically)
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Lemon Juice (applied topically)


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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Reviewed on July 7, 2014

I'm so glad that i used this instead of the "burning face mask". i found that almost impossible to make and it didn't even burn! i had taken a paper towel and ripped it to fit the curves of my face, then i poured lemon juice into a container and soaked my paper towels in the lemon juice. after, i drained the extra juice out of my paper towels by lightly squeezing them, and then placing them on my face. i keep them on my voce for about half an hour (or however long i feel like keeping them there). i can feel the places where i have scars and acne slightly burning! i then rinse off my face and rub ice cubes on for about 3-5 minutes. then i rinse my face with cool water and dab-dry. feels amazing and works great!

by LeksiBabi on 08/08/2014 16:45
That is an awesome way to apply the lemon juice to your face. Never thought of using paper towels as sort of a face mask. Thanks for the advice, definitely going to try this!
Dark marks
Reviewed on July 5, 2014

great for dark marks and healing scars. It's helped A LOT with my skin

Help required of experts.
Reviewed on July 4, 2014

Please help me out, I have pimples and acne. Kindly guide me how to reduce pimples by using Lemon.

by lolopop on 07/05/2014 23:38
Take a fresh lemon and squeeze a tad onto a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on your acne or scars for ten minutes. Then wash your face. Repeat this process once a day. Lemon juice can make your skin sensitive to light so make sure to apply sunscreen before going outside :) hope this helped!
by LeksiBabi on 08/08/2014 16:49
It is best to dilute the lemon juice at first as your skin may be overly sensitive to the acidic properties and everyone has different skin and therefore different results. Mix it with either apple cider vinegar, witch hazel or tea tree oil - they are all very soothing mixing agents that will not sting your skin. Mix about half and half in a small cup, make sure you use fresh lemon juice from a fresh squeezed lemon - no store bought stuff in the bottle. Use a cotton ball and apply it to your acne infected areas at first just to see if it stings. You don't want to apply it to your entire face if you could possibly have a reaction. You don't need to keep applying it, once is enough and over-applying it could lead to burning or bleeding. You also do not need to wash your face, you should leave it on. If it stings then wash it off, wait about 10 minutes and dilute it more before trying again. You can do this in the morning and at night. Do twice daily for best results. Also use coconut oil afterwards to moisturize your skin. It helps greatly in developing a protective natural moisture barrier and will result in fewer breakouts. I've done this for years and the only reason my acne is back now is because I'm pregnant - it's very hard to fight hormonal pregnant acne. But I have used lemon juice for years and it always works. Just take the proper precautions and you'll be fine!
Great discovery
Reviewed on June 29, 2014

It makes my skin itchy for a little while after but definitely worth it. Scars look redder after applied but that is only until you wash the lemon juiced off. Can see results a few days later!!

by LeksiBabi on 08/08/2014 16:51
Have you tried diluting it with apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, tea tree oil or even water? I find that helps with the stinging, and eventually you don't need to dilute it because your skin will build up a better barrier to the lemon juice and it won't sting as much.
Reviewed on June 11, 2014

My acne scars are becoming more red after I use the lemon juice. I use cotton buds to apply the extracted lemon juice. What am I doing wrong? Pls help

by chaiwalli on 06/11/2014 18:38
You shouldn't be using lemon juice on your skin. It makes you more sensitive to the sun, which makes your acne scars (hyperpigmentation) worse. It is better to use a product which is designed to go on your skin, such as an AHA product. Lemon is not made for your skin.
by Pedro Kes on 06/11/2014 20:45
no, you should do it at night because lemon juice is very sensitive to light. :)
by RRN0000000 on 06/12/2014 07:20
But i spend the whole day at my room and never gets exposed to sunlight?
by RRN0000000 on 06/12/2014 07:20
But i spend the whole day at my room and never gets exposed to sunlight?
by RRN0000000 on 06/12/2014 07:20
But i spend the whole day at my room and never gets exposed to sunlight?
by lilla07 on 07/01/2014 07:43
They may appear red initially after applying but after washing off or a few days later they should improve!
Reviewed on May 18, 2014

It burns but it also works! Try It! Love this "product", if you will, and i usually only use a little yet it still works! AMAZING!

Reviewed on May 16, 2014

It works but it burns a little. Make sure to put it only in the night.

It WORKS!!!!
Reviewed on May 4, 2014

I was using lemon this afternoon!!! I only apply it 20 minutes, (it burns a little bit) when I washed off with ice, the scars on my face just starting to disappear from my face! it's amazing!!! if you haven't try this, give it a shot!!!

Lemon juice
Reviewed on April 11, 2014

I started suffering with acne a year ago I'm 24 and in highschool or as a teen I never really suffered from major acne . I have red marks on my cheeks and when I breakout it's on my chin which indicates that it is hormonal . I've tried everything you can imagine , from seeing a dermatologist , antibiotics , Epiduo which was $200 a tube , proactiv and drugstore over the counter products . NOTHING SEEMS YO WORK FOR ME. I decide today after researching to try lemons because it's a natural remedy , well as soon as I put it on an hour later my husband shockingly noticed a difference and told me and that's not like him because he believes everything is a myth or a scam . I'm so excited and will keep ur posted a week from now . :)

by jeilovesdee on 07/01/2014 02:11
How is ur acne now? I also have acne on my chin and im looking forward to using lemon juice, but i wanna know if it worked great for u til now. Thanks
Reviewed on March 27, 2014

I've been using lemon juice on my face 3 times everyday for the past 2 or 3 weeks and I've seen a difference! My dark marks are fading! When doing this treatment I find it helpful to not wash the lemon off after the third application ( which should be right before you go to bed.) If you want to try this I recommend taking pictures after each week to compare results. Good Luck!

by JBURM on 05/02/2014 03:08
How do you apply it?
by toxicblondy on 05/04/2014 21:37
If it works why did you give it only 2 stars haha