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Lemon Juice (applied topically)
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Lemon Juice (applied topically)


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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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it helps
Reviewed on February 12, 2016

it helps drying out my pimples and lighten up my scars but dont overuse it it could be cause irritaing on your skin

by Iruu on 02/16/2016 19:48
Reviewed on February 6, 2016

I've been actually using the lemon juice remedy twice a day for 2 days already. And im definitely seeing a difference. My skin is alot lighter zits are not red anymore. And some dark spots went away. Im amazed . I've spent so much money on treatments that didnt work.. I tried almost everything. And finally found the solution.

This is what i do i squeeze both halfs of a lemon onto a small bowl and add sugar, stir until it makes a paste.

Then With a cotton ball apply it all over your face or just the affected area , i use my middle and ring finger and spread it all over my face and i massage my face making a zero for about 5 mins. After that wait another 5 mins and rinse off with warm water. Pat try and moisterize. I use vaseline.

The reason i add sugar to the lemon juice is because the sugar removes dead skin leaving the skin soft and it minimizes pimples

Caused huge breakout
Reviewed on December 3, 2015

Got caught by the hype train here and since so many were getting great results with it, I thought that it won't hurt trying. I've had acne since i was 13 (17 now) and about a week ago, i was the clearest i've been in years, no pimples or whiteheads and my marks were lighter then ever. But even tho my marks were lighter, i still wanted to speed up the process of getting rid of them. So I looked around and found this page and read all the positive reviews. Later that day I bought a couple of lemons and started applying on my marks with a q-tip at night. I felt some slight burning which according to the reviews should be good so I countinued doing this every night for 5-6 days. Now, 1 week after I started putting lemon juice on my face, i'm currently experiencing the worst breakout of my life and since I have changed nothing else with my routine which was basically just cleanse my face twice-a-day, the lemon must be the cause.

I would NEVER recommend anyone to try this as while it seems to work for some, it can also f*** your face up.

EDIT: So might aswell edit this one, over 2 months has gone past and im still in the same huge outbreak, its better for sure but nowhere near what it was before that fruit from hell and as a response to the comment below, thanks but no thanks im never putting that on my face ever again, not even for 10000$...

by Badtogoodskinguy on 12/14/2015 21:51
You gotta be careful, you are at that tender teenage age. You should only use this remedy only 2-3 times a week. Trying only leaving the juice on for only about 10-20 minutes only and then rinsing it off. And never forget to moisturize thoroughly afterwards, because the lemon makes your skin dry.
by MountainMash on 08/03/2016 05:31
Don't listen to Badtogoodskinguy.He is really dumb.Clean your face and moisturize ur face so breakouts don't happen .I have acne too on my right face side.dont use lemon or anything acidic because it is harmful.use cucumbers and steam ur face..
Reviewed on December 9, 2015

Hello I'm seeing some good and bad reviews. Can I please get a descriptive answer to how this worked for you and how long? I've been struggling with acne for a year I got rid of it in May but the scars are still here I hate looking in the mirror so I wear makeup but makeup isn't permanent so can I please get some advice and your results !?


by Chloe123 on 12/11/2015 01:35
How did you cure your acne may i ask? :) In my opinion, i would NOT use this. Try aloe vera instead. my red marks completely disappeared with 2 months of aloe use. However, lemon does work. Its just irritating. I used lemons on my scars and it got rid of the marks in 2 weeks, however, instead my skin became sensitive and i got more acne.
by Eddie2711 on 01/06/2016 06:36
hey chloe, did you use natural aloe vera directly from the plant? or a cream from over the counter?
Reviewed on December 5, 2015

it really works, just be patient and use it regulary. it fades marks and works on mild acne too.

wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin, since it can possibly burn it

also don't dare to go on daylight sun with lemon on your face

It did help at first
Reviewed on December 5, 2015

It did help me with my acne at first, but after a while i started to breakout again more often. Anyone know why?

Too Irritating
Reviewed on December 3, 2015

This irritates my skin so much, it actually does fade spots but not good for the skin.

Irritates the skin
Reviewed on November 17, 2015

Though it helps drying out pimples and getting rid of scars, do not use lemon juice if you have sensitive skin! It will irritate your skin and causes it to be stinging and red. Afterwards your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the irritation.

by Djoqim27 on 06/26/2016 01:53
But does it heal the dark spots?
Works totally clear but lighten up scars dramatically
Reviewed on October 1, 2015

I've had acne since I was 11 y/o and I'm not tried everything u can thing..even rx didn't work for my I went to natural remedies. .I wanted to first figure out what inside my was causing my skin to create acne...once I figured that out I did my research. ..I changed my diet..starting excersing and drinking lots and lots of water!!and alot of lemon/lime water..bc there natural detoxing..put lemons on my face every other night..bc every night was to over drying to my oily skin..and mosturize daily am and pm..I have hormonal acne on my jaw line and respiratory acne on my cheeks....based on my research. .which means I need to control my hormones and detox my body...that's what I did and I'm seeing a major difference. .when I fall off my regime I start breaking out again ...hope this helps someone out your research on where your acne is located on your face and research the underlying cause of why it's there and try to fix may be a major health issue also..

by Iruu on 02/16/2016 19:50
I am crying because of my acne scars :( loose my confidence :( does it really work for scars?
Brighten up my face overnight
Reviewed on September 26, 2015

ive actually heard of this thing since i was a teenager, tried it with lime and i forgot the result, also too lazy to stick to it. Last night, i realized the Nivea Soft breaks me out after 2 weeks of usage. Since im already used to apply something on my face before i went to bed, i applied some lemon juice after i washed my face with Clean&Clear Essential Facial Foam then leave it overnight. When i woke up and done taking my bath (plus face wash) i noticed that my skin is brighten up and the acnes are drying.

*just done applying the lemon juice for tonight as i write down this review

hope i can get back to u guys with an update in 2 weeks