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Laser Resurfacing
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Laser Resurfacing


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Laser Resurfacing

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Laser Resurfacing

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Reviewed on January 27, 2016

I took accutane after having acne for 12 years and it was the only thing that could cure my horrible acne. I thought that when I found the solution to what has wreaked havoc on my skin since I was in 4th grade I would be through with it all. But no. Now I'm left with boxcar scars, the worse kind. My dermatologist informed me the only way to get rid of these now is with a fraxel laser that is typically around $2500. I being a student however am far from being able to afford this on my own, thus I started a page. Read my story, if you feel for me feel free to help, at the very least I'm more than grateful for your time.

Reviewed on November 22, 2015

Starting junior year is when my face started to break out. By senior year and cystic acne all over my face. It was so bad that my face looked like it was covered in bright red bug bites. So a year after high school my face still broke out. After all the treatments, from benzoyl to pills to oils to other natural remedies my face just didn't heal. I decided I'll try and go get some professional help. I found this place specifically for acne. They gave me a free consultation and recommended me some of their treatments. The first one was called the silk treatment. I was eager to try it. They charged $125 for the first time. It was painful since it was my first time. They used a machine that sucked up my face. After that they popped as many pimples on face. Then they applied several medications on my face. After the whole process I got injections by a real doctor their that helped with my inflammation and healing.The end results was me looking like I got into a fight. Over a few days my face started to appear less red. My face slowly started to peal, nothing embarrassing it peeling in huge chunks. So after a month I went back for another one, and the second time didn't hurt that bad. After a week from the second treatment my face cleared up almost 50-60%. I could finally see my skin tone without any redness. I am currently scheduled for a spectra laser to help get those scars that wouldn't budge. I hope this was helpful. Even though I've spent over $300 already for my face, it was totally worth it. Btw the spectra laser is also $300. But I'm eager for the results.

fraxel laser
Reviewed on August 29, 2015

Has any body had fraxel laser followed by microdermabrasion two weeks later?? I had fraxel laser two weeks ago and a microdermabrasion was scheduled, they said that the microdermabrasion would give a finished look to the treatment. However, the microdermabrasion left my skin looking worse all the tiny holes from the fraxel are now more visible due to the microdermabrasion. I want to know if anybody had these treatments fraxel + microdermabrasion two weeks later and if its normal or if this tiny holes are going to be permanent??

by Nightwitch9 on 08/30/2015 00:17
Please join realself do you mean by that micro pin holes or pin prick scarring? Have the same issue too until now 4 months out left me with bad texture and orange peel texture with tiny holes
Laser resurfacing
Reviewed on July 20, 2015

I just had laser resurfacing done 5 days ago and had high hopes. They told me to use Cetaphil and aquaphor while my face healed, unfortunately my face severly broke out more than it ever has my entire life. I'm pretty sure it's from using the aquaphor, I wish my Dr had advised me to use something more acne friendly. He put me on antibiotics now which I'm hoping will help but the damage is already done. I just want to warn anyone interested in doing this, wait until your acne is cleared up!!! And don't use aquaphor, do your research!

by Nightwitch9 on 07/25/2015 15:31
Are you still here? What is your issue did you do your whole face?
by KathrynTocci on 08/22/2015 16:58
Were they tiny whiteheads? I had this happen on my chin once and it was because of sweating after a procedure.
It works very well
Reviewed on June 25, 2015

I am very surprised with many of these negative comments. I work at a medical spa, where we have a CO2 laser, and we use it for many things, including acne scaring. We have had very little complaints, no matter what the doctor was using it for. The doctor I work for teaches other doctors how to perform these procedures, so maybe that is why he is so good. Anyway, best of luck!

by Madghgh on 07/15/2015 21:48
I had co2 laser at Harvey Street and it made no difference to my acne, but it really damaged my neck skin, it looks old and crepy now
by Madghgh on 07/15/2015 21:54
I had co2 laser at Harvey Street and it made no difference to my acne, but it really damaged my neck skin, it looks old and crepy now
Laser will Destroy your life
Reviewed on February 10, 2015

Please don't go to laser whatever the issues. I've done lasers & it ruined my face completely: super large pores, lines, wrinkles, scars, pot holes, ice pick holes will suddenly appear out of no where.

my skin aged 10 years & now i look like I am an old man with wrinkled face!!!

I believe all doctors know the side effects but lie to patients because of $$$. please do not trust them. I am warning you there is no turning back!!!

I am so depressed that I often contemplate suicide coz my face is in a mess & i look very very ugly. If u want to be like me go ahead & do lasers!!!!

by mor81 on 02/11/2015 00:43
please contact me asap. moranziv19811@[link removed]
by mor81 on 02/11/2015 00:48
at g m com
by Misha777 on 04/17/2015 09:06
Hello Please don't let such thoughts to be in your head I think from in each situation can be possible solution like neoplasty Everything will be ok!
by Paulazworld on 06/10/2015 02:35
My face is a nightmare as well. I run from the sun and any direct light . I don't go camping anymore because my face is so scary. I to have more wrinkles lines pit holes and look old and scary. I have thought many times to end my life but am hoping there is an answer to my misery before my thoughts turn to actions. My life is ruined and I have paid and paid to only get told over and over that this new treatment will work. It will build new collegen. All lies
by Nightwitch9 on 07/08/2015 02:49
Hello are you still here? Me too same problems and issues orange Peel texture and holes in my face? Do u think its permanent? It really ruined your life ive been depressed for three months because of this and loose 8 pounds please help
by Nightwitch9 on 07/08/2015 03:01
Hello are you still here? Me too same problems and issues orange Peel texture and holes in my face? Do u think its permanent? It really ruined your life ive been depressed for three months because of this and loose 8 pounds please help
by Adriana252 on 09/12/2015 18:13
Hi the CO2 laser left tiny holes scarring on my skin, I went to a dermatologist and he verified the damage; he prescribed me tretinoin gel and a glycolic acid cream, I was told that a series of 3 glycolic acid peels will help to improve the apperance of this texture, hopefully it works. CO2 laser ruins your skin, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, there are many other options to improve scars, don't give up.Try raw honey to wash your face, I've heard that this helps with the large pores.
fractional laser treatment - didn't work for me
Reviewed on April 4, 2014

I had fractional laser treatment at a clinic run by the Harley medical group in London back in 2012. I had TWO courses of four treatments so eight in total - i thought i had seen an improvement after the first course but it was very minor and i think the second course did absolutely nothing. I paid £900 for each course so wasted a lot of money. The treatments were done by a nurse who was about 20! . I recovered completely within 5 days and could wear make up two days after treatment. I think in all honesty if you recover that quickly you will not see significant results. I have found that my skin is now prone to boxcar scars , i had a cystic outbreak of acne while pregnant which only subsided two months ago and have 4 obvious boxcar scars on my right cheek which are worse than the ice pick scars i was trying to treat originally. I am sure this was because of the laser treatment as i had not had any new indented scars since i was 18 even though i have had acne on and off since then. I had severe acne aged 14-18 which caused all the ice pick scars. I am now considering getting ablative laser treatment at a hospital in London , it would be done by a cosmetic dermatologist and he insisted on doing a test area first ( which was done on Monday) , his whole attitude has made me a lot more confident however i am worried that i will have a breakout after the treatment, as people on here seem to have done . Anyway my advice is if you are going to have any kind of laser treatment please do not go to one of these clinics, do some research and find a qualified doctor to carry out the procedure . I was very naive but have definitely learnt from my mistakes . If i decide to go ahead with the ablative laser treatment i will post before and after pictures and write a comprehensive review . Oh and just to add my scars have been classed (by the Dr) as mild to moderate which is why he has suggested using the stronger laser , he said that fractional lasers are really only helpful for mild acne scars .

by Lasereast on 05/14/2014 07:01
All people are acne problem.laser solve problem but effect time is long time.
DOT Co2 Laser:
Reviewed on January 20, 2014

I have had a total of three Co2 DOT lasers performed by a well-known dermatologist in Washington State. I had all three done within ten months, basically three months apart.

Some background on my skin: I had SEVERE and I do mean severe acne from a horrible reaction to Accutane in August of 2008. It was so bad that I had to be home-schooled by a tutor for the first half of my sophomore year because on my first day of school, people thought I was diseased. Yes, it was that bad. The acne however, cleared up - but as you know, sever acne usually leads to severe scarring (which is worse.) Some how, my scars were not traditional acne scars - they did not indent, but they were a dark-red color, mixed with raised scarring and hypopigmented scars. It is/ was a mess. I was left with shallow-indented scars which were reduced by the three laser treatments, however, my hypopigmented scars and redness were never reduced. Now I'm sure you're thinking that these red scars I mentioned were just post-inflammatory and that they went away. WRONG. They have not gone away. I will tell you what has somewhat helped with my hyperpigmentation/ white scars:

Hyperpigmentation - not washing my face. Not using retin-a. Not using moisturizer. Not using exfoliants. ONLY using sunscreen.

Hypopigmentation - Rubbing ginger root on those areas.

BTW - this review is probably choppy and terrible because I'm wayyy tipsy right now. But if you have any questions, please ask :)




by Lasereast on 05/14/2014 07:07
Acne is burned skin and face look not given best provide service.
by Abimelec on 02/18/2015 14:05
C02 Fractional laser is mostly helpful to correct depressed scar, especially box & rolling scars, it may also help hypertrophic scars (raised above the level of the skin). However, red scars necessitate the help of vascular lasers (pulsed dye laser, KTP laser or intense pulsed light). Philippe Abimelec MD, dermatologist, Paris France
Reviewed on February 24, 2013

Don't do it! it may seem like it works at first but after 6 months your face becomes a mess.

I only got it done on my cheeks and you can see the difference from my skin before fraxel and its SO much better. And its funny because I ONLY breakout where I got fraxel done..... I regret it. At first it seemed like it worked but after a month I started getting real bad cystic breakouts. PLEASE DON'T do it, its not worth it!

by Nightwitch9 on 07/08/2015 02:48
Hello are you still here? Did you heal?
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