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Jojoba Oil
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Jojoba Oil


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Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba Oil

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More breakouts
Reviewed on February 26, 2015

Just one more thing that did not work for me. I am now battling acne and wrinkles. Does anyone know of a moisturizer I can use? I have tried so many.

by MysticCrystal on 04/24/2015 04:26
Rose hip seed oil is great
by SpaceBlues on 05/06/2015 17:38
tretinoin gets rid of and prevents both
Reviewed on January 22, 2015

Brought it from amazon caused more breakouts on my face and places where I never even had spots at ffs omg been to using it for 4-5 days now

clogged my pores
Reviewed on December 22, 2014

it was good once i first started using this to mix with my moisturizer, but when i kept using it , i started to get new pimples. when i stopped using the jojoba oil i haven't gotten any new pimple

not for me
Reviewed on November 30, 2014

First time day using this it was great. Over the next 2 days I had little white pimples. And two huge red inflamed things. Not happy, guess I'll keep trying. Hopefully this acne stage goes away soon.

Perfect companion to any drying medication.
Reviewed on October 30, 2014

One thing I've learned in this acne battle, you can't treat acne when skin is overly dry or worse burnt. Drying medication can torture your skin like that, rob moisture from your skin leaving it with scars, discoloration and very painful acne infested skin. I have used retin-A which made it so difficult to smile or laugh since it stretches your skin when it's super dry. I have also used benzoyl peroxide which can leave you burns if you used as spot treatment and not in moderation. Let's admit it the sight of pimple makes you want to burn the pimple and go crazy with medication. At least I have so many darn times. Moisturizer helps but the addition of jojoba oil does wonders! Moisturizer is easy to spread when mixed with jojoba oil and seems easier to be absorbed by my skin. I use Regimen moisturizer from the big kit so one pump of that plus one tiny drop of jojoba oil, also from this site is now part of my morning and night routine. I mix them on my palm with my finger and viola! Spreads so easy and you feel it working instantaneously! It's amazing to see your face glow even when you've used some BP the night before. I apply moisturizer/jojoba oil mix on top of very thinly spread BP. I don't need BP as much anymore. Regimen saved my face and back! So I had to try this jojoba oil :). I don't have any problem with the container maybe because I'm careful about putting a drop. You don't need to be uber generous with the jojoba oil a single drop makes a big difference already so I think it's a good buy. I will certainly buy again and recommend to my sister.

Reviewed on October 9, 2014

i have oily skin, 2-3 weekly pustules and rarely cysts..

I manage my acne with BP and AHA 8% and I find jojoba oil to be a good moisturizer for my irritated skin, and a good carrier for the treatment products..

I think the key is to use only 3-4 drops for the entire face, when your skin is dry and flaky because of bp, aha and retinoid..

If your face isn't dry, mix it with 2-3 drops of water first.

I use it for 2 months now and it hasn't broke me out

Reviewed on September 11, 2014

For men i recomend to use it before shave, massage your beard with the jojoba oil and then apply your shave cream it leaves your face smooth and beautiful after the shave! Plus add it in your daily moisturizer cream for a better hidratation

Generally improved my skin
Reviewed on August 19, 2014

I have super dry (obviously) acne prone skin. A really fantastic combination, right? I also get to deal with moderate acne as well. I've always struggled with my skin and finding ways to improve my face without using tons of harsh chemicals and such. My skin has always also caused me troubles whenever applying foundation as we'll because basically no matter what I did my foundation would end up looking flakey and gross after a few hours. After buying jojoba oil from the vitamin shoppe I was a little nervous since almost everything makes me break out and nothing ever helps my skin. I believe it has helped my skin greatly. My skin texture is no longer super bumpy and gross and it looks so much smoother and almost glowing. It has also helped in tandem with a nightly honey mask to reduce redness and my scars don't look quite as noticeable. I use this to also remove my makeup at the end of the day. I'm a night-showerer so I use this to remove makeup, shower, leave on my face for at least 5 minutes, wash off, use honey, wash off after at least 10 minutes and reapply the jojoba oil before I go to bed. I don't use a whole lot- just about a nickel sized amount. I also usually let it set in for a few minutes at least before I kind of oil-blot my face and then go to bed and use it once again in the morning for my makeup. It may seem a little excessive but it has helped my skin so much. In combination with jojoba oil and layering on my foundation mixed with some moisturizer, I've found the secret to keeping my skin fairly flake free. I haven't broken out hardly at all since using this (although it's been only about 2-3ish weeks). I think this has transformed my skin. I realize this product is not for everyone but for those with dry, flakey, acne prone skin it might do the job. Hopefully my decent skin lasts because I now feel somewhat comfortable walking outside without applying makeup. My skin is so much softer and I don't feel greasy or dry or anything. I do recommend this product to anyone with similar issues.

great a first, but clogged my pores!
Reviewed on July 6, 2014

I don't know how I feel about this product. For the first month or two, my skin was flawless, all my pimples seemed to disappear, and my hyper pigmentation from past pimples was fading. Unfortunately, this was only a phase. My forehead became the home of clogged pores and my blackheads (which never improved) got worse and more noticeable. My acne came back even though my regimen never changed. I don't know what happened.

by theconservativehippy on 12/18/2014 20:25
My skin is so annoying like that, so I alternate different products month to month. It may be that it stabilized your skin, which is its purpose, and adding more, perhaps, made it take a step backwards. That what happened with me using coconut oil. Even essential oils that were life-savers (ok that's a little dramatic, but replaced actual medication) would turn on me, or maybe my skin turned on it, and I'd break out in cystic acne or a wide spread rash. I've heard if something once was fine with you, but then had adverse effects, was to wait 3-6 months and then try it again. (I'm sleepy, I hope that made sense.)
Not for me
Reviewed on June 29, 2014

For the first couple of weeks I thought this was a miracle but then I had the worst breakout of my life and am still struggling with my skin four months later. Apparently I had a reaction with an 'essential ingredient'.