Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel reviews

Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel
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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel


Active ingredients:
Erythromycin (2%) and Isotretinoin (0.05%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Hydroxypropylcellulose, butylated hydroxytoluene and ethanol.

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel

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Reviewed on April 17, 2015

I've been looking into using isotrexin. I don't know anyone that has used it. Does any one know if it is available in Canada? And if drug plans cove it?

No initial breakout for me :)
Reviewed on May 28, 2014

Tried everything from the doctors, BP makes me red and skin flake off so impossible to wear makeup! I use this with a combination of the pill (Yasmin) and Saw Palmetto pills from Holland Barratt. I cleanse with Quinoderm dual action antibacterial facewash which is key to killing the bacteria that causes acne, it's gentle too. Isotrexin, been using it around 3.5 weeks and i haven't had any "initial nasty breakout" at all, i don't get hardly any redness. I'm also having a course of salicylic acid peels from the Sk:n Clinic which is so far working very well! I much use topical roaccutane than take the internal pills, i feel this is much safer for the body :) Thumbs up for Isotrexin, give it a try, it's the strongest topical the doctor can prescribe you before dermatologist referral! :) Good Luck x

Reviewed on January 28, 2014

Im 27 and tried I never thought a topical would work for me my the birth control pill helped a lot but I wasn't 100% clear like I am now! My acne is hormonal and around chin and jawline. Many whiteheads,blackheads and I wouldn't say cysts but ones that are under the skin bit painful and take a week to go down. I started Isotrex 0.5 on the 16th December and let me tell you I broke out very bad the first 2 weeks I didn't really suffer from really bad dryness and redness it was dry and red but not bad where I couldn't wear make up I could, but yes after 6 hours it looked a lil flakey but only close up. I would normally have a few spots right but now I have zero!!!! None!!! I have a few red marks but they will go in a few months and I have a few lil proper scars which I've heard dermaroller is good for! Point is stick with this product it gets worse before it gets better and I stayed in over Xmas and New Years :( but I'm so happy!! I even stopped taking spironolactone I was prescribed this and spiro not been taking the spiro for 2 weeks going to see how it goes I may not need it at all I really think all I need is this topical! Just make sure you use this every night once your skin gets use to it and you will be fine i missed a few nights and whiteheads crept back again so don't be lazy! I did use this every second or third night the first week but for some reason my skin could take it and I thought I'm just gonna bear it and use it every night and I do not regret it! It's get out every single thing you have underneath! Try it give it at least 12 weeks and you will be so happy!!!! You will be miserable the first month..but it does get better I will use this forever..until I want to get pregnant lol!

Reviewed on October 15, 2013

Ok so I have mild acne, almost verging on severe. When I first started with this product, it made my skin go very red and my acne doubled. This was really hard because I didn't want people to see my skin like this. However, after reading other reviews I decided to keep using it and after a few weeks it started to really work. When applying it though, it had a very painful acid-like sting, and I could not stretch my face because the product would crack. It also left a peeling residue when I woke up in the morning but this can be easily washed off with a cleanser. Had a very strong smell as well.

tomorrow my dctr prescribed isotrexin.. i have mild acne . aftr applying once my skin got red and black patches apeard on the skin .. skin got so much dry stinging and itchy.... please help me i should countinue with it or not . need a instant reply thanks
Reviewed on October 11, 2013

:( cant

Say anything till i hope for a solution.. need help

Reviewed on November 16, 2012

It sucked when you start this, it makes your skin break out so bad which is so upsetting, and makes you feel like it isn't working and making it worse, but stick it out then after a while it will start to calm down.

Its been 5 weeks and my acne has lessen by atleast 50%, the scarring from the initial breakout is still here but hoping it will clear up soon.

alot of reviews say it dries out skin, but my skin is so oily is hasn't done anything like that or caused irritation, hoping for it to improve my skin more after being on it 8 weeks

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Reviewed on October 19, 2012

The product is just amazing! It has made my skin so much better in just a week. I'm using a face wash and another gel for the day as recommended by my skin specialist but this product is a must to try if you're suffering from acne.


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Reviewed on September 12, 2012

I have moderate to severe acne and have deep scarring which isn't helped by me picking at my scabs. I have tried *numerous* products since my teens, such as Freederm, Duac, Clearasil, Garnier, Neutrogena etc etc, with no discernible benefit.

I went to the doctor and was prescribed Isotrexin as well as an oral antibiotic.I've been using the Isotrexin for a month now and I think it's starting to work. My skin appears less bumpy and the acne scarring is slightly less noticeable. The only downsides I have with this product is that after a few minutes/hours, my skin looks flakey and you can see where I've applied the gel (I have dark skin). However, my doctor has said this is just the gel peeling back the layers of skin to get to the fresh stuff underneath, and it's doing a good job!

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Reviewed on August 22, 2012

Bottom line, this product is a miracle drug! Its leaves looking smooth, bumpless, glowy and gorgeousely matte,i would recommend anyone with.mild to moderate acneto try it. I suffer with blackheads, whitwheads, pimples, milia and cysts and after six months ofthis people are always complimenting how lovely my skin is! Please try it! I admit that it may.dry skin out if one is to use too much, but persevere with it because its simply a matter of gettinf the doseage right. This is what i do: instead of covering my whiöe face with isotrex everynight, i spread a little on je problem areas, and i always moisturise beforehand. I use it five times a week. It works for my problrm skin so chances are, itll work for u!

Reviewed on April 2, 2012

hi! I was prescribed with this treatment after i startedto break out a little bit after 6 months of roaccutane. My breakouts were pretty mild but they wer really stressing me out, so, i have been using this for 4 days and my skin is significantly lesr oily and a few whiteheads are popping out. Also, my inflamed acne is drying up and the spots that are coming througg now are smaller and less inflamed. I would recommend this products for pppl with mild to moderate acne! Its better than panoxyl