Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel reviews

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel
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Brand: Isotrexin

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel


Active ingredients:
Erythromycin (2%) and Isotretinoin (0.05%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Hydroxypropylcellulose, butylated hydroxytoluene and ethanol.

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel

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Isotrexin Erythromycin (2%) and Tretinoin (.05%) Gel

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Solution for me
Reviewed on May 12, 2016

Suffered from moderate acne since teens. Various contraceptive pills, topical treatments (Duac, Differin), and one course of antibiotics only partially helped. Following a recent breakout I decided to tackle it from all angles, and I think Isotrexin was the key. Also went back on a combined oral contraceptive and took 5-month course of oxytetracycline. Skin cleared up after around 2 months. Having finished the course of oral antibiotics 2 moths ago, skin is still basically spot-free, better than it ever has been.

Initially drying but quickly skin gets used to it. I only apply a very thin layer, once daily, at night.

2 weeks in
Reviewed on January 29, 2016

I am a 26 year old female suffering from mild normal acne on my chin and jawline area. I have always had clear skin up until a year ago when I started getting breakouts around my mouth and chin.

In the last year I've tried benzoyl peroxide gel which didn't do anything other than make my skin red and sore and flakey. I then tried a topical liquid antibiotic to apply to the affected area ( I can't remember the name of it). This also didn't work. I then tried lymecycline and took these antibiotics for 3 months - leaving me with clear skin. The doctor wanted me to stop taking them due to effects on my liver. After just a few weeks of stopping them my spots came back.

I went to see a dermatologist and was prescribed isotrexin. I've been told to put a thin layer of the gel over the affected areas at night time after washing my face but before moisturising, so that the product can sink in.

I don't find this product sore or difficult to use. I don't feel any stinging when putting it on like other reviews mention. It dries and goes a little crusty.

I have however (like all the reviews say) had a big breakout. I've gone from just a couple of manageable spots to several at once which I find difficult to hide with make up. I've been using the gel for two weeks and my skin has definitely got worse.

My dermatologist has told me to use it for two months then to go back and see him to review the progress. I will persevere with it until then.

Interestingly he also told me the best face moisturiser to use was aqueous cream which you can buy in huge tubs for only a few pounds. I s water based and oil free and fragrance free etc.

I will add another review once I am at the end no of my two months to let you know how it goes.

by Iioanas on 04/22/2016 21:00
Please do let me know what happens next. I only applied it for a week now, and my acne got worst too. It gets me sick.
Make sure you stick it out!
Reviewed on September 27, 2015

Since I hit my twenties (2 years ago) I have been battling with my skin, something I never thought I would be worrying about having normal skin throughout my teens!

I have tried different anti biotics, the pill, etc and all of them only offer a short term fix.

I would say my acne is moderate which can verge on severe after a flare up but the scars/hyperpigmentation which it leaves behind makes me the most self conscious.

I went to the doctors about a month ago after a really bad flare up and she gave me a combination on isotrex gel, lymecycline and the pill. So far it has got better than it was and I've gone from about 12 active spots down to about 2.

All the reviews are right, it does break you out so bad the first couple of weeks but if you persevere it does get better!

When I apply it it kind of stings and makes my eyes water but within seconds that passes, it also does leave a residue of your face in the morning due to the peeling effect but this can easily be washed off. It does dry out your skin, but so do many acne cream/gels!

After a super bad break out I am finally seeing my skin sort it's self out! I am currently using this before bed after cleansing my face, then using an exfoliator (St ives apricot scrub) some mornings, effeclar duo and lymecycline and the pill.

I am going to carry on with this product for another 4 weeks and see if my skin improves further but so far so good (after the initial breakout)

Hope this helps!


by vic_sxf on 03/04/2016 11:16
scrubbing particles can remove your skin's protective outer layer and make acne worse! My dermatologist has told me. only use Isotrexin in the night and effecter duo+ in the daytime that all.
patience required
Reviewed on September 22, 2015

For this to have any positive outcome you need patience. If you don't have patience then don't bother using it. It will take longer if you have severe acne. I have moderate Anne around the frame of my face inc. Jawline and forehead line plus around the sides of my chin and upper lip. I've been using it for 3 weeks and i can see that my pores are opening up and blackheads coming out more easily. Whiteheads also are coming to the forefront and ironically im also left with a radiant glow. The idea of this gel is to draw out impurities and that's what it does hence the increase in spots at first. The erythromycin is the anti bacterial element which fights the bacteria from living and attacking the sub glands. Small cysts have cleared in a week. I am still getting new smaller spots but i know the gel is drawing out the bugs that having been sitting under my skin. Persevere for minimum 3 months at least before you decide to give up. Good luck

Pain pain pain.
Reviewed on September 18, 2015

Ok so most of you might not agree with my results or time period using this product but for me it hasn't done any favours.

I have NEVER sufferd with acne as bad this year as I have in the past. A few years a ago I got prescribed "lymacycline" and it did the trick to clear up (or so I think) but this month when I started to develop different signs and more spots than usual I went to the docters for something stronger and he prescribed me this gel "isotrexin".

After reading reviews and not finding many good ones I was willing to give it a go and hope that it would work for me. He did specify that it might take a few weeks to work and now I'm three weeks in I refuse to use this gel anymore.

After reading reviews I took into consideration that my skin may get worse before it for better, skeptical about using it I had a go for the benefit of my face. However, it has made my face red, sore, dry and uncomfortable. The skin doesn't look healthy and looks inflammed and irritated. I have tried to put moisturiser on to stop the flakiness/dry patches under my makeup but my skin would flake and you can still see the scars.

Each day I would wake up with a new painful spot or even a boil under the skin. No matter how much makeup I tried to use it didn't cover or help the situation.

I might not have given it long enough to work but during the 3weeks I used it I was in constant pain and discomfort hence why I decided to stop.

Everyone is different and will react in different ways. At the moment I'm back using my dermologica products and staying clear of any gels or creams prescribed medically.

I hope this don't put you off using it if you do have it, I was just expressing my time whilst using it.

Please feel free to ask me any questions x




Might work in the long run
Reviewed on August 30, 2015

I had mild to moderate acne but combination of bad life conditions and habits made it worse. I'm now suffering from moderate to severe acne. I gained weight and I was already prone to pcos. Now I'm diogonised with pcos and I started to take birth control pills. I'm not sure if it's the isotrexin or the pills but my skin is really clearing up. When I first started to use isotrexin, it didn't seem to be working. After 1-2 weeks my skin got worse. I started to have some gigantic pimples that I had rarely had before. I was so upset and I regretted starting the medication. However, after reading some reviews which say it's quite normal at the beginning, I decided to give it a go. Now it's been 3 or 4 weeks since I started to use isotrexin and I can say that there is a dramatic change in terms of acne. All the big, inflamed pimples have become smaller and it is really hard to notice them since they are beneath my skin, not close to the surface. It didn't cause so much irritation. I mean yeah it irritated somehow but it's a quite common symptom in acne topicals. There is only one downside which is the cleaning process. It takes so much time to get rid of the layer it leaves on your skin. I use a face wash called TTO and a lot of water, yet it takes almost 20 minutes to get rid of the gel on my face in the morning. Maybe I should also use a make-up cleaner for that. In conclusion it is really a good topical gel even for severe acne but you must be patient. You will probably breakout more first but it's temporary. Don't forget to apply it only on the legions and it should be a thin layer. I hope this will work for you and you will have the clear skin you are yearning for. Don't make it a big deal though. If you get obsessed with your acne, it only gets worse.

Reviewed on August 12, 2015

I've been using this for 3 weeks. My skin was mild acne beforehand, both on my face and my back. After a week of use, my face broke out terribly. Then, my forehead cleared up nicely, and my nose is ok. However, my chin and cheeks are awful! I've become so depressed and it keeps getting worse. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to stop using it in case it eventually works, but all it's doing is making my skin break out worse. My back has cleared up very well though and I feel more comfortable in bikinis/backless tops etc.

by DoCatsEatBats on 08/22/2015 15:58
Mine was the same! Had 4 weeks of horrendous acne but it did then clear up and stay clear :-)
Reviewed on April 17, 2015

I've been looking into using isotrexin. I don't know anyone that has used it. Does any one know if it is available in Canada? And if drug plans cove it?

No initial breakout for me :)
Reviewed on May 28, 2014

Tried everything from the doctors, BP makes me red and skin flake off so impossible to wear makeup! I use this with a combination of the pill (Yasmin) and Saw Palmetto pills from Holland Barratt. I cleanse with Quinoderm dual action antibacterial facewash which is key to killing the bacteria that causes acne, it's gentle too. Isotrexin, been using it around 3.5 weeks and i haven't had any "initial nasty breakout" at all, i don't get hardly any redness. I'm also having a course of salicylic acid peels from the Sk:n Clinic which is so far working very well! I much use topical roaccutane than take the internal pills, i feel this is much safer for the body :) Thumbs up for Isotrexin, give it a try, it's the strongest topical the doctor can prescribe you before dermatologist referral! :) Good Luck x

Reviewed on January 28, 2014

Im 27 and tried I never thought a topical would work for me my the birth control pill helped a lot but I wasn't 100% clear like I am now! My acne is hormonal and around chin and jawline. Many whiteheads,blackheads and I wouldn't say cysts but ones that are under the skin bit painful and take a week to go down. I started Isotrex 0.5 on the 16th December and let me tell you I broke out very bad the first 2 weeks I didn't really suffer from really bad dryness and redness it was dry and red but not bad where I couldn't wear make up I could, but yes after 6 hours it looked a lil flakey but only close up. I would normally have a few spots right but now I have zero!!!! None!!! I have a few red marks but they will go in a few months and I have a few lil proper scars which I've heard dermaroller is good for! Point is stick with this product it gets worse before it gets better and I stayed in over Xmas and New Years :( but I'm so happy!! I even stopped taking spironolactone I was prescribed this and spiro not been taking the spiro for 2 weeks going to see how it goes I may not need it at all I really think all I need is this topical! Just make sure you use this every night once your skin gets use to it and you will be fine i missed a few nights and whiteheads crept back again so don't be lazy! I did use this every second or third night the first week but for some reason my skin could take it and I thought I'm just gonna bear it and use it every night and I do not regret it! It's get out every single thing you have underneath! Try it give it at least 12 weeks and you will be so happy!!!! You will be miserable the first month..but it does get better I will use this forever..until I want to get pregnant lol!

by Ronan on 01/03/2016 21:04
Great review. Like yourself I started this medication just before xmas. It stopped me from going out over New Years Eve because my skin was so bad. I've tried every topical and medication under the sun I'm just gonna stick this one out and pray for some results , thanks