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Accutane (isotretinoin)
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Accutane (isotretinoin)


Active Ingredients:
Isotretinoin in 10-mg, 20-mg and 40-mg soft gelatin capsules.

Inactive Ingredients:
Beeswax, butylated hydroxyanisole, edetate disodium, hydrogenated Soybean oil">soybean oil flakes, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and Soybean oil">soybean oil. Gelatin capsules contain glycerin and parabens (methyl and propyl), with the following dye systems: 10 mg - iron oxide (red) and titanium dioxide; 20 mg - FD&C Red No. 3, FD&C Blue No. 1, and titanium dioxide; 40 mg - FD&C Yellow No. 6, D&C Yellow No. 10, and titanium dioxide.

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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Accutane (isotretinoin)

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Accutane (isotretinoin)

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Reviewed on March 29, 2015

I took a full course of Accutane over the course of 8 months. I got my dream come true because I got gorgeous skin!! a price. I have developed chronic dry eye syndrome that they directly relate to Accutane. My eyes hurt pretty much 99% of the time and I can no longer wear contacts. I have been off Accutane for one year, and my acne has returned right back to where it was prior to the tane. It's not worth it.

by FreeKnickers on 07/20/2015 18:27
How are you doing now?
I hope anyone struggling with acne can get this medication
Reviewed on March 25, 2015

I never had acne through teens but when i was 23 i broke out along my jawline with deep acne. counting 30-40 at a time. It could have been stopping the depo BC shot because that was the only change in my life at the time.

I have been on accutane for 80 days @ 40mg 1/day and i weigh 130lbs. I have not experienced any serious dryness or joint pain like most people and i am much happier but I was never worried about depression.

before starting accutane i was very skeptical that it would work for me but i am very happy to say it has, and still is.

I also got chemical peels with acne extractions at least once a month which made my recovery much faster.

It saved me.
Reviewed on March 20, 2015

I'll keep this as brief as possible.

I've been off Accutane for about six months.

I am a 22-year old female who got severe adult onset acne when I turned 18. I had severe acne on my face, back, and shoulders.

I tried every OTC product and prescription product (including retin-A micro, birth control, etc. ) that my dermatologist recommended.

My dermatologist believes I have a hypersensitivity in my dermis to testosterone.

Finally, all that was left to try was Accutane.

I've been on two rounds of Accutane. First was 6 months, second (three months later) was 4 months.

My experience: After a couple weeks the drug stopped the oil production on my face. It was heaven. I had VERYYYY oily skin all through my teen years. My skin continued to break out for about a month, and then stopped. The breakouts that I had while on Accutane left the worst scars-be careful. I had no mood swings, in fact I was the happiest I'd been in years because my skin was clear and dry.

After the 6-month round ended, the oil returned in a few weeks. The acne did slightly on my face, but not my body. I used benzoyl peroxide and went back to my derm. He put me on another 4-month round. Now, six months after my second round, my skin is manageably oily. I probably use 3-5 oil blotting sheets per day, versus the 20+ I was using before Accutane.

My acne is 99% gone. I only breakout around my jawline now, so I use benzoyl peroxide there once a day to keep it clear. The rest of my face remains perfectly clear, and my back and shoulders are also completely healed except for the very occasional pimple on my back, which doesn't bother me whatsoever.

I do have more joint pain. I do have some unfortunate scarring from breakouts during my accutane treatment. But to me, these are SO WORTH IT!!! Accutane saved my life. I can face the world, I can go to school, I can have a boyfriend, I can socialize, I can leave my house confident...I can feel beautiful. I will never regret it.

So far so good
Reviewed on March 19, 2015

Im a 24 year old male, started getting acne when i was about 15. I took 1 20mg tablet of accutane twice a day for 6 months. Im about 95kgs so I think that is quite a low dosage. Thankfully I didn't really suffer from an initial breakout. Got most of the usual side effects: dry lips, nose bleeds, painful joints, red face but none of these where that bad and were certainly bearable. My face started clearing up after about a month, strangely my back acne and large pimples on my neck which had been gone for about a year and a half before i started the course then began to return. By about 3 months my face was totally clear with no new pimples. I finished the 6 months about 1 month ago and my face is still clear, the moderate back acne remained for the whole course but seems like it is starting to disappear now I am off the meds. Just got to wait now and see if they come back, not sure how long until I can be sure but for now I would defiantly recommend this drug. I played around with all kinds of creams and antibiotics for almost 10 years none of which had a positive effect for more than a month or so. My recommendations to anyone taking this drug would be to ask about taking a longer course of lower dosage, research seems to be showing that it is just as effective and you are much less likely to suffer from bad side effects. Also from my experience the less you do to your face the better, no face washes etc, I just wet my face when im in the shower and nothing else (think people are calling it the caveman regimen), my face never got flaky dry and I didn't ever use moisturizer. I think you are either going to get an initial breakout or your not and scrubbing your face won't change that, it'll only dry your face out. Cheers

Reviewed on March 12, 2015

I don't know where to start...

So in october 2014, after 4-3 years of moderate acne, my skin started to severely breaking out. I don't just mean severe, I mean REALLY SEVERE: By November, my skin was covered in cysts all over my cheeks as well as lots of BIG whiteheads and big pimples on my temples and chin as well. I feel like something went really wrong inside my body, and I still haven't figured out why it happened. By 18th of november 2014, I started on Isotretinoin. And week by week my face gradually got better. (Go check my album and you'll see the improvements in a matter of a few months). This has been my saviour to my social life. I almost dropped out of high school because my face was in so bad condition. When I would sleep and wake up, I would find my pillow in blood because of my acne. Just smiling hurt and sometimes pus would come out of my face if I smiled.

FAST FORWARD: I am now ALMOST 4 months in and I currently have NO zits on my face, only one cyst that hurt on my neck/jawline. Other than that my skin is so smooth, but I have loads of scars. They're not deep, but I have small (noticeable) and lots of them on my cheeks as well as some on my temples. I have NO blackheads on my nose and the side effects, they have not been bad at all. Just REALLY dry lips, not too dry skin and sometimes my back would hurt a little, and from time to time my joints. But it is SOO worth it.

*BUT don't think this will happen to you, because we all react differently, so don't expect this drug to work magically on you as it has done so far with me. I also recommend NOT taking this drug if your case is not severe. I only took this drug as a last resort, and because my acne was out of control. I have myself started approaching my acne holistically, meaning I have made some changes regarding diet and lifestyle and skin care, because I really do believe that the root cause of acne can be controlled by taking good care of your body from within. I recommend this drug to severe cases of acne, because it is not something to play with if it can be controlled with something far less dangerous*

1st month - 3rd month: 40 Mg per day

Accutane palying tricsk on me...
Reviewed on March 6, 2015

Since I was 14 I had a few occasional very mild breakouts on my cheeks but as I started to get older my acne got a little worse I remember when I was around my 8th grade the acne got a little severe but they were all white heads and by severe I mean 3- 5 white heads. Then again it got less severe and I had 2-3 white heads every few days max. Suddenly when I turned 18 my acne got a lot worse suddenly there were around 8 -10 white heads which slowly turned into pustules and more of these started pop out specially on my cheeks or cheek bone area. My first dermatologist prescribed me doxycycline. It didn't make it any better but after 2 months on this, my acne was worst than ever. I changed my dermatologist went to another one and asked him to put me on isotretinoin he did that without further question but only on 20mg maybe because my acne was not severe it was moderate and I was affected with acne on only around both of my cheeks region that time I had around 15 acne. I was prescribed on Sotret 20mg per day. It has been now 33 days, my experience... to be honest its the same no improvements or deterioration. During the end of the first month towards maybe between day 23-28 I had a initial breakout which were like some white heads would pop up where there were previous acne and I would pop them it would go and then slowly form a hyperpigmentated bump. One thing I noticed that my face almost had no oil towards the end of the first month but after day 29 oil would start to come back again specially on my nose. Really want to know is this a normal , expected experience or not ???? I really hope this accutane does the trick for me because I just had it with acne!!!!

Accutane for the win
Reviewed on February 28, 2015

If you're reading this, you're probably on the fence on whether or not to start this crazy over talked about prescription drug called Accutane. I'll start off with saying that I am 19 years old and have been suffering with acne since I was about 12 years old. For the past seven years of my life, my face and my acne have been my biggest weakness. I was very much in the spotlight during high school and middle school being a cheerleader and an athlete, so having hundreds of people constantly looking at me and my acne was a total self esteem killer. I had tried every single thing you can think of. Topical treatments, proactive, x out, skin id, Neutrogena, clean and clear, BC, you name it and I've tried it. Just recently my family doctor finally recommended I see a dermatologist because nothing else was working. My first appointment with my derm, she recommended putting me on Accutane. Let me start off by saying that I was terrified out of my mind to even consider it and all of the side effects seemed too risky. I did intensive research and came to the conclusion that in order for my acne to ever go away extreme measures would have to be taken. I started my Accutane journey four months ago and from this point in time I can not be any happier with the decision I made four months ago.

Month one. It absolutely horrifying and probably the worst my acne had EVER been in my entire seven years battling with acne. To begin I had about 50 pimples on my face and within that first month I could easily say the acne had doubled. My face was in major pain. Sleeping, washing my face, applying makeup, you name it and it physically hurt me. I cried myself to sleep a few couple of times in this period. To be honest I almost considered getting off the medication because of how bad my initial breakout was. My derm had told me I would get an initial breakout but I never expected it to be so vicious. The side effects... wow... my face was peeling and flaking. Within ten minutes of applying my makeup, I was ALREADY flaking. My face was constantly itchy and itching it only hurt more. My lips were the driest they had ever been, applying lip balm every 10-15 minutes was a must if I didn't want ripped or bloody lips. My scalp was peeling to the point were I had literal chunks in my hair even after showering. My nose was also cracking and every time I blew my nose I had a bloody surprise. Despite the horrible first month, before I knew it I was on to month number two.

Month two. Little by little the amount of acne was starting to decrease. Keep in mind I still had a good 40 on my face. My face was still in physical pain, but in comparison to month one it was nothing. The flakiness and dryness of my skin was much less severe as were all of the other side effects. Immediately after the first month I had changed up my entire skin care routine and that truly did wonders for my side effects. As each day passed, the more and more improvements I would see in my skin.

Month three. By now my face had significantly cleared up. I could actually feel soft patches of my skin. I knew that my acne was still severe, but in comparison to month one, this was heaven. All of my side effects were so mild. Sure I had to make sure I was constantly moisturizing, applying lip balm, body lotion, and conditioning my scalp, but my side effects no longer bothered me. I was getting closer to my goal and I could see the drastic improvements from the time that I had started.

Month four. Here I am now, month four with only one MAYBE two months of treatment left. (Two for precautionary measures to make sure a second round of Accutane is not needed.) I know my face is not completely clear. I have maybe 10 pimples on my face now and that's mainly due to my menstrual cycle hormones. But if you look at my face now and compare it to four months ago there is major improvement. Sure my acne has left red scars on my face but when I apply makeup my face ALMOST looks flawless. Side effects? They're hardly noticeable now. I still constantly moisturize but mainly because it has become a force of habit now. I can go hours without reapplying lip balm or lotion now. I don't need to moisturize every 15 minutes like before. Dry bloody nose? I haven't had one in about 2 months. Overall I am very happy where Accutane has brought me in four months and I cannot wait to see where it will take me.

Before I started Accutane I had started to go through a depressed patch. I no longer wanted to go out, see friends, or anything besides lay in bed and watch Netflix. I felt like all eyes were on me every time we went our anywhere. People ALWAYS asked questions about my face and I could no longer take it. I knew I had bad severe acne and didn't want constant reminders of it by getting judgmental glances and questions. Slowly my confidence and self esteem has gone up. Accutane has slowly brought me back to the person I used to be. Fun, full of life, and a good time. Honestly without Accutane I don't know where I would be right now. If you're reading this and you're on the fence about whether or not to start, I really hope this speaks to you either positively or negatively. I hope that this post can really help you decide whether or not you think this course of action is right for you. I know one of the main things that really encouraged me and finally pushed me to agree to start this journey was seeing all of the positive results from people. I figured that it's helped more people than it hasn't helped. I figured I would give it a try and if it didn't work at least I knew that it didn't work. If I didn't try Accutane out, I wouldn't be stuck with the "what if" taunting me for the rest of my life. I am over the moon with how far I've come since my first month of Accutane. This journey has definitely been a learning experience for me and if I had to relive that horrible first month on this medication again to achieve the skin I have now, I would do it in a heartbeat. Also I am in no way encouraging or discouraging anyone from using this product, I am simply stating my experience with it and hoping that my experience will help someone choose their own.

Works for a while
Reviewed on February 26, 2015

I had Accutane about one year ago. The side effects were terrible. My skin was extremely dry, flaky, and break out all the time. The first 3 months, my skin looked like a mess. It was my nightmare. Until the 4th and 5th month, no more acne. My skin felt so great. No break out ! Great !. And the scar disappeared. However, it only lasted for 4 months after I stopped Accutane. Now, my acne comes back like one year ago. So I didn't impress much with the product. With all of the side effects and potential danger that it would cost, I will never try it again. Just not worth it. Two of my best friends were on Accutane too and they both experienced the same thing as me.

I am kinda tired of trying new things on my face. All I do now is being super gentle on my skin, try a simple skincare routine. I just ordered and hopefully it would work for me. Acne sucks but you gotta love your FACE. it's your. If you don't love it, no one does.

by rainbow7 on 04/13/2015 01:31
How ks the regimen so far?
Reviewed on February 23, 2015

So this is my second time on accutane. I'm a 16(17 in a month) year old female who suffers from mild acne but enough to feel insecure and need accutane. The first time I went on it I was about 13 years old, and had a horrible experience with side effects. I was depressed, I gained weight, had the GROSSEST lips and refused to leave my house unless it was for school but it cleared my skin up like a charm. I had radiant skin but still scarring from before. My doctor had said my mood swings had been so bad due to me going through puberty at that time. I am 3.5 months into accutane this time around and I'm still finding myself breaking out. My side effects this time are different: chapped and dry lips and skin, a sore back, hair loss(not too much), BURNING skin which is very uncomfortable.. I feel like this might be my last time taking this product. I feel like I need a detox. Hopefully my burning skin and acne clear up along with my scarring but for now, i'd say a no to taking this product. It's changed my life for the worse :( but everyone is different!

by accutaneRUINS on 02/23/2015 01:07
On top of this i have IBS. Finishing my course in 1.5 months and converting to natural and holistic stuff.
I had painful severe Cystic acne I took accutane for 8 months PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH
Reviewed on February 19, 2015

ABSOLUTELY NO! You should never put something with the potential lethality of this drug. Things like this shouldn't be allowed in my opinion. Proper skin care and taking action to control hormones and stress levels should be a NUMBER 1 priority. You can do this naturally. I had to get my blood drawn every month for 8 months while on this drug. MY ACNE STILL CAME BACK!! but i found a better solution.

I switched over to natural treatments. I no longer deal with these problems ( bows down to nature )

I made a video on treating acne and properly preventing acne

www. youtube /watch?v=JHzIknvKpgo

by deezycain 2015 on 03/05/2015 23:03
What type of other options are there?
by lenz87 on 04/26/2015 18:59
Correction: Accutane is not inherintly a "lethal" drug. But I guess you could also call water lethal, since you could die from ingesting too much.