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Reviewed on September 11, 2011

I went in very optimistic, the technician I saw recommended this and told me she would help me get nice skin again. I have been dealing with Moderate acne since high-school and I am 23 now.

I bought a package that included 5 Isolaz treatments 1 microdermabrasion and 1 glycolic peel. She recommended to come in one week intervals and prescribed me a facial cleanser with AHA pads. I have been doing everything as told.

They say this treatment is painless which was a complete lie for me. The machine sucks up the skin and in sensitive areas (around my cheeks and chin where my acne is worse) it was very painful. I couldn't wait for each treatment to be done with.

My skin was always very red when I was done which I expected. The redness went down a couple of hours after, but I would never go out in public after a treatment. Also I would break out like crazy the day after the treatment.

So far I have done The microdermabrasion glycolic peel and 4 of the Isolaz treatments. My skin is so much worse than before and I wasted 1400 dollars :( After the last appointment I went to, my technician 'reminded' me that this was not a cure for acne. From the beginning they assured me my skin would improve, but now that I only have 1 treatment left and still see no improvements they tell me this. I am pissed and don't even want to go back for my last treatment.

Please don't waste your money and your time!!!

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Reviewed on August 9, 2011

This is something that I decided to do to speed up my process of treating my acne. I'm currently taking monodox (doxycycline) and tretinoin. I'm on my second month on monodox and using the 0.05% tretinoin.

I don't think I would have initially done Isolaz on it's own just because I've read mixed reviews on it, and for those who have tried it and it worked, they were all on medication and/or using a topical.

I just had my second treatment today after about a month, I'm really enjoying my sessions. I go to Dr. Lisa Meils's office in Rochester Hills, MI and my esthitician, Cheryl, is awesome. She starts out by extracting any pimples, then cleanses my face, and ends by putting a hot towel on to open up my pores. She then uses the isolaz device, and what's great is that she'll go over problem areas two or three times. There is a little snap from the laser but it doesn't hurt. I would say if your face is a little sensitive, the suction from the vacuum might hurt just a little bit. She ends the whole treatment by cleansing the face, putting on the hot towel, and moisturizing my face.

Afterwards, my skin feels so smooth and so clean. She thought it was a great idea that I was doing the treatments to speed up my healing process with the monodox and tretinoin. During my first treatment she spent quite a lot of time extracting pimples, but today I only had 3 which is amazing.

I can't owe my success with treating my acne all to Isolaz, but it is definitely helping. She says that I'm healing beautifully and that I probably only need a few more treatments.

I bought a package of six for $1445 which is expensive, but it's totally worth it. If you're in the area you should definitely go in for a consultation.

Reviewed on August 8, 2011

I usually don't go and bash products that don't work, but trying Isolaz was a horrible decision. My dermatologist told me I'd be a great candidate for her new Isolaz treatments. I was weary of the price, but she assured me that it would clear up my skin. I successfully cleared my acne in high school, but it came back during college, along my cheek bones. Before I started Isolaz, I had a couple of blemishes on my upper-cheek area basically every day. However, the treatments caused me to break out in places that hadn't broken out in years -- my chin, the lower half of my cheeks, along my jawline, and on my forehead. My dermatologist told me that everything was just coming to the surface, and lead me to believe that it would eventually stop. I had five treatments. However, it has been six weeks since stopping treatments and in these six weeks, my acne has been worse than ever. I've tried Retin-A (at my dermatologist's suggestion), a drugstore benzoyl peroxide, and have just started to use Epiduo again (which worked in high school). Before the Isolaz treatments, I was only breaking out along my cheekbones. After, I am consistently breaking out on the whole cheek area and jawline, and sometimes on my forehead and chin. And now, I have whiteheads all over my cheeks, which I didn't have before Isolaz. Apparently, these treatments have activated acne in placed I hadn't seen breakouts before. And, to make matters worse, it was ridiculously expensive. My derm recommended five treatments at $170 each. I wish I could get back my money and my skin prior to Isolaz treatments (even with my minor breakouts). Horrible mistake.

Reviewed on March 20, 2010

In my opinion, this treatment is a con. The laser is far too mild to have any real impact and it's my belief that the suction part of the treatment is what is doing the spot removal; as let's face it, if you put any kind of suction device on a spot it will remove it! So it does remove spots (although creates scars as most of my spots bled when they were sucked out) but it isn't an acne cure. I would never dream of spending a thousand pounds on a treatment that isn't long lasting and I therefore complained and got several other treatments instead (a very mild peel and microdermabrasion), none of which worked.

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Reviewed on November 29, 2009

donttttttttttt attempt dont give in the hype and commericals are just lying.

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Reviewed on September 10, 2009

This is THE new option for acne patients. It's safe, quick, comfortable, and when you put the #s to paper on what you're spending yearly, affordable.

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Reviewed on September 7, 2009

not worth it, hurts, makes acne worse and it is expensive.

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Reviewed on August 24, 2009

Too expensive and not worth it. Too time consuming. If you have money and time to burn, then this might be a good option for you. If not, then dont even go and try it. The results are exrtemely temporary and will go away as soon as you stop the treatment. I wonder if the laser has any real effect and if it is just the suction part of the treatment that works? I think you might get the same effect by doing a good face steam and mud mask once a week.