Welcome, Dr. Goodheart.
Could you tell me a little bit about your background?

Dr. Goodheart
I’m a dermatologist. Just to let your audience know, dermatologists are doctors that take care of the skin. And we take care of disorders anywhere from acne to skin cancers but we also care for hair and nails as well.

A question that I have is when you’re teaching dermatology or when a student is learning to become a dermatologist, how much time do they spend learning about acne versus skin cancer or other skin diseases?

Dr. Goodheart
Not enough, frankly. There’s a real paucity of education when it comes … because acne is a very complicated disease, believe it or not … or skin condition … I don’t know if you would call it a disease but for some people it is because it can be devastating. I think there’s a real need for more teaching of how to deal with acne, especially on the psychological level.

If you had to boil down your best advice into three points what would they be?

Dr. Goodheart
As far as advice, one of the things I tell most of my patients when their acne is relatively mild: I think the best product they can use is benzoyl peroxide. I think that’s a given. I think we all know that. All dermatologists know that. The other thing is: I try to control acne, if possible, with topical therapy alone, and try to avoid systemic medications. The third thing is: just make them feel better about themselves.

Where do you see research going in the future?

Dr. Goodheart
Right now, there’s this whole tendency to look for alternatives to oral antibiotics, and even accutane if possible. We’re looking into light therapy: be it laser, or pulse dye laser, or different types of light therapy. So far the results are mixed, at best, and I’m not that enthusiastic about it, yet. Until we find the right laser, the right type of light to deliver, it becomes very expensive, people have to come back for many, many visits, and it’s not covered by insurance for the most part. So very few people are really doing this unless they have no other alternative or could afford it.

What I hope to do with Acne.org is to gather the information and the intelligence of the medical community and the general population and … I’d like to get rid of acne … I was hoping to hear from you that research is so promising and there’s things right around the corner.

Dr. Goodheart
There’s wonderful research. We have wonderful research organizations within dermatology: something called the Leader’s Society, the Dermatology Foundation … a lot of money is being poured into that for research … just like we have the Psoriasis Foundation … there is a lot of research and there’s some wonderful experts on acne who are out there really doing a lot of work and a lot of clinical trials … quite a bit of hope.

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  1. Brandy Says:

    This interview is great! So wonderful of Dr. Goodheart to do that.

  2. acne scar Says:

    Acne is a type of skin lesion infected by a bacterium called P.Acnes. The lesion is formed due to blockage of sebum follicle thereby trapping sebum..

  3. Acne Treatment Says:

    Acne is a type of skin lesion infected by a bacterium called P.Acnes. The lesion is formed due to blockage of sebum follicle thereby trapping sebum..

  4. Aliaa Says:


    I am a new user of this forum so my apologies for any mistakes..
    I used to get acne about 1-2 every now and then from the last 2 yrs…adn stevamycin worked fine for me…

    BUt right when i turned 20 i started breaking out..and it is not as rapid as some other ppl

    BUT problem with my cystic acne is that the top part (pus) goes away in a day or two but the cyst under my skin never seem to go away..like it has been over 6 months n the cyst are still there which has caused brown scars over my face.

    at first, i went to a homeopathic doctor hoping to improve my condition without any severe side effect..BAD IDEA…it only brought my bank balance down

    currently my family physician has put me on tetracycline (4 pills/day for the first week and 2pills/day for the following weeks), clinodoxyl gel (to apply overnight only), Diane-35 (which is a acne therapy birth control pill and i am suppose to take it for 21 days straight even if i do get my period on the 18th day or so)

    I have noticed changes on my back acne because there were not cystic acne…BUT my old cysts tha that i have now had for about 7 months are still the same size..and if the cyst does not dissolve then the brown scars doesnt disappear..and i STILL break out once in a while just like i used to ( still getting the severe cystic acne)

    I just DONT want to go on accutane considering the side affects..i REALLY need some help or advice…….PLEAse help