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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Hydrogen Peroxide


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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide 3% First Aid Antiseptic, 16 Ounces
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Hydrogen Peroxide

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good so far
Reviewed on August 31, 2015

I've been using hydrogen peroxide on my acne thats on my forehead for the past 3 days and it seemed to have really helped. First I washed my face then took a cotton ball and poured the peroxide on it and dabbed it all over my face then went to sleep. I do this in the morning and night. At first when I put this on it stings and got a little red but after about an hour the redness goes away and you wake up with a clearer looking skin!

I'm giving it a try
Reviewed on August 24, 2015

I used this for the first time tonight, and right away my face turned bright red! Idk if it's a reaction or just temporary. But my blackheads and pimples seem to be going away pretty fast n this last hour. I just hope the redness goes away!

So far so good
Reviewed on August 23, 2015

I started using hydrogen peroxide as an astringent about a month and a half ago and have seen great results. The whiteheads are healing and I don't have new ones daily anymore. Blackheads are even going away. I only use it at night all over my face. After about five minutes I use an oil free lotion. So far so good. BTW I am a 40 year old mom of three.

Mother and daughter are seeing results
Reviewed on August 3, 2015

I am almost 40 and have suffered with acne 30yrs. I have tried many things and must say that peroxide and black seed oil (found in many Asian markets)/have worked wonders on my white heads.

My pre-teen daughter suffers from black heads and scarring. I have started on her back with peroxide and it seems to be drawing out the oil and dirt. Her back is not as red which to me I'd a good sign.

I wish you luck on your journey!

by NEWOB11311 on 09/01/2015 16:51
www. myrainlife .com/sharesoul
Reviewed on June 7, 2015

idk if it's the hydgrogen peroxide helping my insanely huge pimples but everytime i put it on a pimple it either shrinks it or brings it to a head faster. worth it to try. some people say it's dangerous but then again everything you're trying to put on ur face is dangerous one way or another. just try a 3% hydrogen peroxide. use it only in spot treating, not for the whole face

by NEWOB11311 on 09/01/2015 16:37
I recommend anybody with skin issues especially children because of harsh chemicals they prescribe in today world. This product is 100% natural and is based around seed oils and the husk of the seed. You consume daily in a packet and it's packed full of antioxidents. Check it out there so many skin testimonials. [link removed]
Finally found my cure
Reviewed on February 12, 2015

I use to live on this website when I was 13/14 in middle school. I didn't have the worst acne but I always woke up with a few new pimples everyday and I was embarrassed by my face. I didn't even like looking at it in daylight. I tried everything, from urine to expensive creams/toner/face washes at Sephora. I'm 20 now, in college, I don't know how long it's been since I started to use this stuff but it is a MIRACLE. Hydrogen Peroxide is a zit zapper. I always get compliments on how flawless and nice my skin looks. I don't even get pimples anymore, all I do is use this after I get out of the shower - morning and/or night.

by margretfast123 on 02/20/2015 04:21
Do you rinse it off after? And do you add lotion or anything? Just wondering
Reviewed on January 20, 2015

I usually get the odd pimple but for the last few months I've been affected by mild acne. We had ran out of astringent so my mom said to use hydrogen peroxide instead. I've only just applied it to my pimples, holding it on top of them for a few seconds with q-tips. Although it's made my face red, the pimples have been immediately and significantly dried out. I hope the redness goes down and assume that a soft exfoliator tomorrow morning will leave my face clear.

by KarenJussaume on 08/24/2015 05:36
Did the redness go away? I just did this, and my face s red! Will it go away??
by KarenJussaume on 08/24/2015 05:43
Did the redness go away? I just did this, and my face s red! Will it go away??
by KarenJussaume on 08/24/2015 05:50
Did the redness go away? I just did this, and my face s red! Will it go away??
by KarenJussaume on 08/24/2015 05:50
Did the redness go away? I just did this, and my face s red! Will it go away??
Dries out pimples great!
Reviewed on January 6, 2015

Im 15 w/ mild acne. Dries out white heads nicely. Ive been struggling for a while w/ acne and this has been succeeding at keeping my face clear for almost a month now.

I wash with baby wash (lol) and then after my face dries, I just apply a thin layer with a cotton swab over my problem area on my forehead, around my nose, and temples. I dont add any moisturizer over any parts that ive put HP on unless it starts cracking, peeling, etc.

aloe vera straight from the plant
Reviewed on December 19, 2014

I just bought peroxide today and I'm going to try this but for everyone who needs a moisturizer to help heal scars and stop the itching the dryness and the burning USE ALOE VERA STRAIGHT FROM THE PLANT. I have an aloe plant and I pull a stem from the bottom cut it open on the side and all the clear gel that the plant produces rub in on your face in helps fast and feels great on your skin. And if you even wanted you can it the plant it has amazing benefits for your body not one harmful thing can come out of it. Don't believe me definitely look it up.

Use with caution
Reviewed on July 1, 2014

Although it works well just be careful as it can cause health problems later in life. It releases free radicals in the body which can cause harm and is associated with many neurological disorders.

by Goody1 on 07/15/2014 03:18
I've watched the daughter of Gerson explain that the free radicals released are those that bind with other free radicals in order for them to be flushed out of the system easily.