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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Topical Solution USP, 32 oz
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Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide 3% First Aid Antiseptic, 16 Ounces
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Hydrogen Peroxide

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A Great Satisfaction
Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I get acne on my face, chest and neck. I decided a day ago to use Hydrogen Peroxide on just my face. My whole nose is covered in black heads, but when I woke up half of them were gone. I haven't had dry skin ever on my face, but I do know as soon as I put a moisture on my face it breaks me out worse. So I skipped doing that. Overall, I must say that it really does work. You should try it! :)

Works great! But...
Reviewed on January 5, 2014

After experiencing a really bad breakout last year, all over my cheeks and temples (still working on clearing it all up, scars mostly) I was searching relentlessly for something to clear it up. I was trying stuff specifically for acne, like Proactiv and what not, most of which didn't work. Getting fed up, I asked my mom what she thought I should do and she said "why not try hydrogen peroxide?" I thought it was a long shot but I tried it, and to my surprise it worked really well!! However, I found that the more often I used it, it was almost like I was using it so much I was becoming immune and it wasn't working as well as it did initially. So for short term and for a few pimples here and there, it's a quick and easy fix, but it won't clear up your skin completely. At least from my experience. I still use it from time to time for new breakouts and it works. For long term results, I'm focusing on slightly changing my diet.

best way to clear acne fast
Reviewed on December 16, 2013

hydrogen peroxide is by far the best and its way better then spending hundreds on proactive and other crap like i have very bad acne and iv used this stuff for a few hours and im already seeing it clear i recomend this to anyone with acne

Reviewed on December 7, 2013

I broke out with sudden severe cystic acne after using the Oil Cleansing Method. I have had progressively bad acne for over 2 months now. This is the only thing I've tried that works without irritating my skin. It dries out your pimples and makes your skin a bit dry, but it's actual doing something and I'm thrilled. I've only used for 3 days but so far I'm seeing wonderful results. I use it only on my acne, which covers both cheeks and chin but nothing else.

by smiles23 on 04/13/2014 02:22
Hi, unfortunately I am in the same boat. I tried the OCM with hopes to have radiant skin forever, and wound up with cystic acne on my cheeks, with acne sprouting up along my jaw now. I have NEVER had acne in these areas before. I am now trying hydrogen peroxide… do you apply a moisturizer after you've applied the HP? thanks!
by skanavel on 06/10/2014 22:35
Hi! Oh wow, I'm sorry that happened to you guys. It happened to me last year, and I didn't realize the oil was the problem until about 4-5 months in because i was taking medication that i thought was making me break out. I had terrible cystic acne as well. A year later the acne is gone but i do have scars, which I plan on getting removed. Before i did the oil cleansing method my skin was fine. Change your diet! Eat paleo! my skin is perfectly beautiful now (besides scars) no breakouts ever. I don't use any special things, except hydrogen peroxide for the occasional zit (if i don't clean well enough)
Best thing to use on whiteheads and popped pimples!
Reviewed on November 21, 2013

This stuff is awesome. Not only does it help bring out the infection in whiteheads, but it heals popped pimples. It does sometimes sting, but that means it's actually working to get out the infected bacteria. I haven't used this all over my face like some people do, but on single zits, it's awesome.

Works like a charm! Cheaper too!
Reviewed on November 1, 2013

I use an apricot cleanser, was using an astringent, and then a topical cream for my breakouts. Even doing this twice daily it seemed like it take several days to clear up, then I'd break right back out. I ran out of astringent and used hydrogen peroxide "temporarily" -- well I'm switching all together bc it started clearing up within 1 day instead of 3... with no sign of return. And I only have been using it once daily (unless I wear makeup that day, which I rarely do.)

Beats spending $20 or more a month and it works!
Reviewed on August 22, 2013

I use peroxide directly on the pimple. I will pop the pimple and then apply the peroxide with a Q-tip directly on the open pimple to avoid infection. It begins to bubble and turn white which means to me it is working deep down beneath the skin. After a few hours or even the next day if applied at night the bacteria from the pimple seems to surface making it easier to get the black or white head out. Also the area seems to heal a lot faster with minimal scaring. I continue to apply the peroxide until healed. I like to use a acne medication that cost $20 but I hate to spend that much on a monthly basis.

Not for sensitive skin
Reviewed on July 31, 2013

It dried out my skin sooooo badly and it didn't help any of my existing acne go away. If anything, it made the spots persist longer and any open wounds I had too. Gave me small flesh bumps along my cheeks and jawline. I discontinued over two weeks ago and my skin has gotten ALOT better.

by Estheticsmama on 08/06/2014 13:32
If it is causing more irritation, discontinue use. Try something more mild like an apple cider vinegar as a toner. Make sure you are keeping the skin cells healthy with exfoliation. It will keep those dry patches gone and let the skin breathe. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week before applying a toner.
by kecola on 10/26/2014 05:41
If hydrogen peroxide is too strong for her skin, then apple cider will be ten times worse. I use hp with no problem but apple cider gave me a severe chemical burn AND made my acne worse. Be careful when advising people to use acv without giving proper precautions, especially for someone with sensitive skin!
by chiquititaa on 03/01/2015 12:01
This is what i do i mix my moisturizer with hydrogen peroxide and apply it all over my face it moisturizes as well as drying out the pimple us more moisturizer at first than start working up to a little
LOVE it!
Reviewed on July 30, 2013

I've never actually wrote a review about any product, but i feel like I have to do it for this one. I've been having acne for the past 4 years and this has helped me soooo much! I use 3% hp as a toner on my skin every night, before going to bed and yes, it's curing my acne for the most part. I'm so happy with it and i can't believe it's sooo cheap, but so effective at the same time!

I feel like recommending it, but do not use hp if it's higher the 3/4 %, cause it can be too harsh for your skin!

I'm super satisfied so far!

Good Uses
Reviewed on July 24, 2013

I know I shouldn't be doing this but when I use my exactor to pop some on my white heads or pimples. I use to clean the exactor between each one and wipe on face after to clean anything I didn't off my face