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Green Tea


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Green Tea

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Green Tea

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Reviewed on November 2, 2011

I started drinking and washing my face with green tea 1 month ago and the left side of my face has had no new breakouts since I started using it. I had acne scars all along my jaw line and now you can't see them anymore. Also, my blackheads have started to dissapear as well. I still get pimples on the right side of my face every now and then but I think its because I sleep on that side and my pillow may not be as clean as I think it is. It also, ( not sure why, it may or may not be be because of the use of green tea) the skin on my cheek bones is now very dry and it started to become like that after I started washing my face with this green tea, it further lead to small rashes that really stung when I touched/washed etc, the rashes are gone but the skin around the area is still very dry. I think it was my skin getting used to the detoxification or it may be that my skin doesn't react well to the green tea. Overall though, its keeping the pimples away and I'm very happy about that! since that is what I wanted in the first place. A little dry skin is nothing anyways, I reccomend green tea for those who want a natural remedy for pimples. My face is evenly toned!

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Reviewed on October 26, 2011

I've been using soooo many different products for acne from cheap to high end but none work for me. One day grandma suggested to me to try putting green tea bags after washing my face and OH MY GOD it works for me! been using for 3 days and i could tell the huge difference. Thanks Green Tea! I hope this will last forever. will be back after couple of months for updates.

To those who suffered from acne please give this a try! I know how depressing it is.

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Reviewed on October 15, 2011

I too tried it all, Neutrogena, Skin ID, Clearasil, etc. Nothing worked, and half of them gave me more acne scars. Green tea works, absolutely. I tried rubbing a tea bag on my face and already it feels much smoother and clearer. I've been drinking green tea for a month now, and no i dont excersise and I've already lost some weight too. I totally recomend this, it's cheap, its healthy, and it works. Plus I'm the kind of person who gets sick A LOT, and the day after i drank it, all my stuffiness and sinuses went away. Helps clear acne, boosts your metablosim, and helps you get better when sick.

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Reviewed on October 3, 2011

I was drinking green tea with orange (Lipton I think) and I was bored so I rubbed the tea bag on my face. The next morning my acne was better- not a lot but I only used it once, so if you use it more it would be better.

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Reviewed on September 25, 2011

I LOVE IT! walmart has like a big pack for cheap

Reviewed on September 14, 2011

Green Tea is Really good for your skin, and i didnt think of trying it until, i finally got sick of seeing acne and my acne scars. So i bought these Expensive cleansers and acne treatments, they suck.

I Ended up using green tea, just warm it up and i drink it up, and then the bag shouldnt be so hot right now, so i get it and glide and slide it all around my face, its a good idea to let the smoke/heat from your tea at first to open you pores. Then it feels nice.

Well i normally do that in the day or afternoon, but the best thing is you can do this day or noon, and at night you should use lemon juice:) Which is a really good combination for healthy glowing natrual skin, and its very inexpensive:) and WooHoo Your skin will be Awesome:D ....You should buy teas that are more herbal and not like lipton, countrything, and that. Buy like more...herbal...

If you dont know the lemon Trick Look it up:)

Reviewed on September 13, 2011

Left my skin dry and broke out in a few days.

"/ I was really disappointed.

Reviewed on September 12, 2011

Works great once you find a regimen that works for your skin type. I have never had major acne growing up, and now in my early twenties, I found myself dealing with hormonal, cystic acne. Waking up each day with at least 3 new hard pimples made me not even want to look at myself. I tried lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, bp, and figured I'd try green tea as well, and I am SO happy that I did! I have been drinking and apply green tea for three weeks and I can happily say each day my skin is looking better. I typically drink about 2-3 glasses a day. As for my skin care regimen, I have naturally oily skin and green tea helps reduce that a lot! I shower at night, so after my face is cleaned of make up, once it is cool, I apply the green tea bag all over my face. Then I apply aloe vera on scars to help them heal faster. And as a moisturizer, I apply 100% natural honey so my face does not feel too tight and dry. The next morning I wake up to no new pimples, and can see a major difference in my skin. I also apply a layer of green tea in the morning and let it dry before putting on any make up. Green tea truly worked wonders for me and my confidence but it does take time and you need to be consistent! Don't let acne control your life, and know that you are beautiful.

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Reviewed on September 5, 2011

Okay... green tea could be called "if I'd known sooner...". Wow, probably the most effective I've tried on my skin and god knows it's not the first! I've been struggling with non-healthy skin for over 6 years and now this could be considered as a miracle. The taste isn't that bad (of course, if you already like the taste of the tea) and it's good for the health! You have nothing to lose! It's been over a week and I can already throw my make up away (or almost).

How do I use it:

I drink one cup of green tea (the usual one with small bags)

let it infuse approximately 2 minutes

take out the bag and cool it under cool water in order to not burn your skin

slide it smoothly on your skin

Approach your face from your cup (the steam will open your pores)

Apply your cream ( I use benzanoil)

Enjoy your tea (it won't be hot any more ;)

Reviewed on September 2, 2011

Green Tea is a good combination remedy with Manuka honey i found. People drinking 2/3 cups a day will see results within 2 weeks. Although if you eat fatty foods etc. regularly it doesn't seem to have an effect other than a balance.

Green Tea is slow to work but i found it tones the face very well and scars don't look so visible. Also acne outbreaks reduce rapidly each week after 2 weeks.

With Manuka honey it's like a super-combination, after taking it for 4 weeks i have much less acne and scarring is reducing in visibilty.