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Glycolic Acid Peel


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Glycolic Acid Peel

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Glycolic Acid Peel

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Reviewed on November 2, 2010

I have before and after photos and the results are amazing. I had huge pores and terrible acne before and now nothing, my skin is FINALLY beautiful. It tightened my skin, ridded me of lines (even under my eyes) During my first application I did have alot of flare up and peeling but it was normal due to all of the clogged pores that had been that way for awhile. I do reccommend getting some Emu oil or vit e and using nothing but that afterwards. It helped the healing time tremendously! I bought my peel from ebay through a very reputable seller. I cant tell you enough though you must be patient with this because your face WILL turn red and peel if you do it correctly. Follow ALL directions or it might not work properly!

Reviewed on October 26, 2010

I am 45 and have had acne since I was 25. It is hormonal 100% for women. Birth Control pills helped. Taking Accutane for a yr kept me free of acne for 5 yrs. Then it returned. Antibotics were useless. Those who use these glycolic peels without there hormonal problems under control will be unhappy because the acne will keep surfacing over and over again because the hormones keeps making the acne every month. This is how I felt about the peels in my 20's and 30's. The peels turned my face into a giant zit farm. I couldnt leave the house. (The exception was when Accutane got rid of the acne entirely) Now at 45, when I do the peels, small clusters of acne surface as my face clears out. But this is nothing like my 20's or 30's. This is manageable and the acid is doing its work. It will take time for the skin to rid itself of the clogged pores as I still have weak hormones still wreaking a bit of havoc. For those of you who are leaving it on for 10-15 minutes and not noticing anything at all, you have very sun damaged skin. You will need to keep doing the peels for a very very long time. You have a lot of dead skin to work through. You may wish to see a professional and ask there advice. These acids work wonders when applyed properly to the right canidates. Never apply to broken skin or onto wounds. Good luck and to beautiful skin!

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Reviewed on August 21, 2010

it gets rid of dark scars and helps with acne by exfoliating, BUT if you think a stronger concentration of glycolic acid will give you better results BEWARE it can cause major irritation and flare ups.

Reviewed on December 25, 2009

Good preventative step for once you get your acne under control (for a milla second). It helps your acne products be able to be absorbed better.

You might try micro-dermabrasion if you have lots of breakouts and then switch to glycolic peels later -like my aestition did with me.

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Reviewed on December 19, 2009

I don't know yet, but I am one day 3 and today I woke up with tons of white heads and raised red areas on my face..close together clusters of pimples..this royally sucks

I onlyusually have hormonally related acne, or sweating related when I work out, etc, which is minimal.

but now I am broken out all over the place.

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Reviewed on December 13, 2009

Anyone would benefit from this, I think. The most important thing is not to pick at your face afterwards.

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Reviewed on December 11, 2009

I got very good results using a 35% product at home over the course of 8 weeks. Paying for salon treatments would be prohibitively expensive. I am 29, have hyperpigmented spots and a few ice pick scars from prior acne-- it's MOSTLY gone now, but it used to be BAD before I had my baby (hormones changed things, I think), and I tried several prescription products to control it. I peeled 3x a week for 8 minutes ea.-- my skin is not sensitive at all-- my coloring is far more even and the ice picks are even a bit shallower. Added bonus of softening of fine lines. However, while there is no discernable "peeling" I would not use this in summer or when you are outdoors a lot, as it does seem to lighten the skin. No amount of sunscreen will make up the diff between a really pale face and bronzed bod. I plan to continue use through at least Feb/March.

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Reviewed on December 7, 2009

I used 35% glycolic acid peel as directed for 8 weeks, 1 treatment per week. I did tend to break out a few days right after each weekly session. I used lotion following the use of this product. I didn't see any results when I was done as i was expecting to. I was disappointed.

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Reviewed on November 25, 2009

2 years post-accutane, I had a major breakout of tiny whiteheads and blackheads alll over my face. They weren't too noticeable from a few feet away, but the texture was horrible. It was especially noticeable in direct sunlight.

After a few months the small bumps began turning into pustules and papules, one by one. They're not too difficult to pop at this stage, but they always leave a pink mark afterwards.

I was put on differin XP and cindasol, and have recently had my first glycolic peel (70%). The first few days were horrible. Lots of scabs and redness, but as the days went by, the results got slightly better. My face is a bit smoother now (2 weeks after the peel), and some red marks seem to be fading, but the overall results aren't too noticeable. In fact, i think the red marks got darker in a few places...

I'm going to try at home 60% peels every 2-3 weeks and see if that works for me. Apparently the results begin to show after a few treatments. Wish me luck.