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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor
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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor


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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

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Reviewed on October 14, 2007

I used a m3 power for over a year, then I switched to this mostly because of the much cheaper blade price. It ended up cutting just as close if not closer, and, best of all, it is much less irritating. After switching to this I am no longer afraid to shave because of irritation and razor burn.

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Reviewed on October 1, 2007

I've tried the triple blades, four blades, and yes, the FIVE BLADE! (I swear I'm not crazy!) Shaves were often -too- close, ingrowns and irritating bumps came later (I have sensitive skin). When I found a comparison claiming a double blade (this was the particular one) did just as good of a job as any of those fancier +bladed ones, I jumped for it. The cartridges are spendy, but still not as $$ as many of the others. I feel like they last longer. Plus, it's easier to shave grooves like under the jaw. The blades have springy plastic "shocks" that help minimize irritation while still shaving close.

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Reviewed on August 21, 2007

ive used 4 blade, 3 blades and now 2 blades. i used to get bad razor burn form the 3 and 4 blades so i switched. i must say thats a thing of the past. though i dont get as close a shave anymore. still i rather the 2 blade over the others as its not painful to shave anymore

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Reviewed on July 10, 2007

This rasor combined with a good shaving gel/cream and a rinse with cold water afterwards is about the softest shave you can get.

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Reviewed on May 13, 2007

Buy it, you'll love it. It's the best for sensitive skin.

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Reviewed on April 25, 2007

change blades often use proper technique

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Reviewed on January 23, 2007

DOn't be fooled by all the fancy new razors that are out. This one is by far the best for sensitive skin. I love it! And I have tried A LOT of razors!

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Reviewed on October 24, 2006

There is at least 2 better razors for sensitive skin. The Schick FX 2 blade razor is excellent and the Bump fighter razor appears to be good also for sensitive skin.