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Fraxel Laser Fraxel Laser


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Fraxel Laser Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Laser Fraxel Laser

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Reviewed on November 5, 2009

I only had one treatment and see about a 20% improvement. At 800 a treatment, I think I might do one more. I wish the results were greater....

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Reviewed on October 22, 2009

My complexion is olive (Hispanic), so finding someone who has experience with people of color is essential. Pain is tolerable but everyone's threshold for pain differs. I'm not unhappy but anxious to see final results. My third treatment is scheduled for tomorrow 10/22/09 and for me the worst part is being stuck at home for 3 to 5 days. I'm not ashamed to say I do have to use a make up (purchased at local drug store) to hide discoloration for at least a week.. I'll keep you updated. I do not want to use this treatment 4/5 times. I'm done!! The verdict is still out.

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Reviewed on October 21, 2009

I have yet to see results...although I understand the first visable signs that it works comes after you heal from the third one. I will say it is painful but with help the pain is tolerable. I have read some of these reviews and see some reactions I have experienced in the past...Cindy in Florida was describing a heat rash I also experienced this when I was doing too many chemical peels...your skin is reacting and the best thing to do is cover...and I mean cover it with a hydracortizone cream, you can purchase it at any drug or department store, if your not sure...ask the pharmacist. Also some women were complaning of lines and marks...that is caused by an inexperienced technician...I had a close friend that ended up with these burn marks...her skin did improve over the next few months.but she immediately stopped going to that tech. Bottom line this thing works...I've seen it and most results are noticed about 2-3 months after the last treatment. So hang in there, I am

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Reviewed on September 28, 2009

definitely worth it!

but be sure to do more than 2 treatments for more visible results and have a friend standby while the doctor does the fraxel passes so your friend can point to the doctor more acne scars to get your money's worth.

day 1-2: - redness

day 3 - redness turns brownish

day 4-9 - peeling

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Reviewed on September 8, 2009

I love my doctor, but the Fraxel Repair was not for me. It was the first one in the Midwest, and I thought what the heck; I've tried everything else. I got greedy and had my eyes and neck done too. Big mistake. My eyes look worse with wrinkels, and scars under my eyes and I still have a demarcation line on my nexk after a year an a half. This was a one time shot, and the pain was enourmous. I have severe acne scars, and most are still there and now I'm dealing with hyperpigmentation too. The down time was close to two weeks washing with water and vinegar every 2 hours. The swelling lasted a couple of months. If your thinking about the Fraxel laser I would start with one of the other 2 lasers as the Repair did more damage to me than help.

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Reviewed on September 4, 2009

Fraxel repair on full face in mid Jan for scars on cheeks. Still have demarcation lines, hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, & stubborn whiteheads. Only see about 20% improvement on scars. Still spending more money to correct hyperpigmentation with bleaching creams, tretinoin, peels at salons, etc.

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Reviewed on August 31, 2009

Every blackhead I have seems to have opened into a pustule type pimple. Still - I think that is good because it is clearing out deep blackheads that I have never been able to get rid of. Still - I had the procedure Friday and planned to be back in the office today (Monday) but these pimples just keep appearing. The redness is pretty bad too but I can minimize pretty well with mineral makeup. My face was extremely swollen the day after but has improved daily - cheeks still a little chipmunky today but probably not noticeable to anyone but me.

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Reviewed on August 30, 2009

This really works. Even though most websites talk of treatments lasting only for 6 or 7 times, my doctor has advised me I can get it done as many times as I would like. The only bad part is that it is so expensive. $900 each treatment. But I would pay whatever it costed to have the results I am seeing. Make sure your doctor is using a high enough setting if you are using fraxel for acne scars to get the best results. My doctor used the 3rd highest setting at my last treatment. It's only a days worth of discomfort, for a lifetime worth of results. I am very thankful I found out about Fraxel.

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Reviewed on August 28, 2009

My Dr. said my scars are too deep, I could clearly see the twilight of the laser even my eyes were shut. I was thinking of an injured face after the treatment because I cannot believe a hightech laser is brushing my sensitive skin. My Dr. is talking to me while doing the treatment but I kept my mouth shut, couldn't afford to mumble a word, worried that the laser might accidentally slipped on my lips or my eyes so I just hmmm'd at what she's talking about. After the numerous passing, the Dr flashed a mirror right onto my face and commented "umangat sya oh"... and to my relief, it really did. Today is my 5th day after my 1st treatment and I haven't went outside to get a sunlight but still I am satisfied. It was a surprise to me reading here that the collagen will continue to rebuild 6 months after the treatment. My Dr didn't told me about that. Can anybody explain it briefly to me? Please send your ideas about that through my e-mail, lagreta168@[link removed] THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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Reviewed on August 26, 2009

No one is mentioning what type of Fraxel they had. There are 3 different types of laser, Re:Fine, Re:Store, and Re:Pair...It would be helpful if we knew which laser was used.