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Reviewed on May 1, 2012

I didn't really expect for this to completely clear my acne but it has made my fluffy disaster of hair tamer and it has made my skin a bit more glowing and soft (except for the acne) I haven't been taking for long but im noticing little bumps on my cheeks are getting smaller. So over all i would recommend this to you if you have dry or combo skin with bumps or if you have fluffy fizzy hair or maybe if you just what to be overall healthier!

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Reviewed on February 27, 2012

I won't stop taking fish oil pills. Besides clearing on my skin, it just makes me feel healthier.

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Reviewed on February 11, 2012

I think it is really important to stress taking a high quality fish oil supplement. I use nordic naturals ultimage omega and get 1280mg of pure omega 3s a day from it. Remember, fish oil is considered a dietary supplement and isn't regulated by the FDA, so there can be some nasty toxins in it if you buy cheap. I am not suprised to hear that a lot of people had worsened acne after taking cheap and polluted fish oil. If you are going to give this a shot, please buy a quality brand like nordic naturals and give it a month minimum to see results. You can expect to spend about $28 a month on quality fish oil.

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Reviewed on February 7, 2012

i am 16 and have had acne since i was 14. i have tried over the counter stuff heaps and none of it seems to work. but my aunty recommended i try fish oil tablets and since then i have seen an improvement in the healthiness of my skin. although it may not treat severe acne over night and doesnt work on all pimples i have seen a difference.i do recommend you try it plus it makes your mood better as well which is a bonus :D

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Reviewed on February 5, 2012

i kept taking this for about 3 months before.. i didn't stop cause it makes my hair really soft and didn't even noticed that this caused me to broke out like crazy specially on my upper back.. i serious thought before that staying up so late and some stress causes me to broke out..then one day i forgot to take this for about 2 nights and noticed that my pimples seems to calm down.. then take it once again and BOOM! on the 2nd day acne got worsen so i stop taking this even if my hair loves it but sad to say my skin hates it..

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Reviewed on January 28, 2012

I don't recommend this product as it caused further breakouts for myself and many other users.

Reviewed on January 22, 2012

After reading and researching Dan's daily regime online, I decided to go to my local pharmacists and ask what kind of Omega-3 pills they recommend for average daily living/skin. They pointed out these gel like fish pill capsules and said that the only common side effect I may have is diarrhea, but only if I started with all three at once.

I went home and decided to only start with one capsule (on a full stomach) the very next morning. The morning after that (day two) I didn't really have much of an appetite for anything, even water, which was very strange to me. Regardless, I lasted the whole day, becoming VERY tired when I got home from not eating much. Then the very NEXT morning (day 3) I woke up a little dizzy and light headed. I came home from work later that evening only to lay in my bed for 5 misserable hours from terrible stomach pain. Finally I threw up everything I had and DEFINITELY some nasty fluid that smelled and tasted like the fish oil. I felt better of course, but my puking lasted all night until mid-afternoond the next day.

I haven't gotten sick like that in almost 3 years. So without eating anywhere else but at home, and my entire family eating exactly what I did and NOT throw up, it just seemed like way too much of a coincidence for me. I must assume the most likely source and warn everyone that the fish oil made me sick.

Overall, I am sure this works for some people, but it made me as sick as a dog. Everyone is different, so always be careful what you are taking before you stick it in your mouth, no matter how harness the internet/pharmacists claims they are.

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Reviewed on January 5, 2012

Definitely worth a try as it nourishes your whole body causing your skin to be beautiful from within!

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Reviewed on December 19, 2011

I've been taking up to 4 capsules of two types of fish oil daily for the past two weeks, along with multivitamins.

I mainly got it to improve my mood and reduce my weight loss "recovering anorexia" it gives me so much energy and much better concentration.

Reviewed on December 18, 2011

My acne has cleared up and my skin appears to be much smoother. My advice to those who had bad reactions is eat an avocado once a day then, ull get the benefits of the omega 3 fatty acid. Also apply tea tree oil, its said that its just as effective as benzoyl peroxide but safer of course. Ive been using tea tree oil for a while now and my skin has never felt more smooth and looked more clear, it also reduced any redness i had. just apply 2-3 drops onto your skin and apply with either jojoba oil with avocado oil or either or so your skin wont dry out so much, the tea tree oil absorbs deep within your skin it will feel so fresh within minutes.

Also drink lemon water, it will clear your acne right up. For a face mask use a raw potato, it will help brighten your skin, clear your acne scars and whatever pimples you have within days or less.:)