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FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap
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Brand: FaceDoctor

FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap


Seabuckthorn Oil, Neat Soap Flakes, Seabuckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides) Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Glycerin, Sodium Silicate, Astragalus Membranaceus, Spirodela Polyrrhiza, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Protein Hydrolysate, Fragrance.

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FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap

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Face Doctor Chinese Rejuvenating Soap by Face Doctor Rx - 3.5oz. ( Multi-Pack)
updated: 05/29/2015 14:50 UTC

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FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap

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Reviewed on February 22, 2011

Keys for this to work - making sure your hands are clean before touching the soap. Make sure the soap is in a relatively sterile place (I keep mine in a clear plastic case within a plastic box so there is no contamination with other products. Leaving the lather stay on the skin for more than a minute does wonders.

My skin (combination / oily - I also have an autoimmune disease which aggravates the rosacea) has never looked so good.

I am disappointed that I can no longer buy it at the local Lawton's store in Antigonish (I've been told there was a back-order issue) ... I am lucky I bought 3 bars however, I will have to go back to buying it on line... such a same.

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Reviewed on November 7, 2009

Try Face Doctor Soap and Rosacure in combination daily. Rosacure can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada for about 38 dollars. A tad expensive, but if you have Rosacea, its well worth it.

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Reviewed on February 12, 2009

Works if you use often at first and leave on face for 30 sec or so. Then you can cut back for a few times per week. Dryness must be dealt with by using moisturizers that do not clog pores. Mineral oil just messes you up. I saw people who had problems on web and ask them to check their moisturizers to ensure water and no petroleum products. You may even wish to try Aloe or other products that moisturize, not ones that "seal" with a barrier. I used for red spots occuring after menopause.

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Reviewed on January 14, 2009

I used this soap for six months on my face and body. I had pretty good results, considering. I had awful skin. This soap broke me out reallllyyy badly for a couple of months, at least. Then it steadily went down. I still had consistent breakouts, but they were not as bad. A lot of people noticed my skin was better- but six months.. i feel if it works as well as it says, it should've been completely clear long before. If nothing else works at all, i'll go back to that. I think it just cleared it a lot because i stuck w.one thing (i'd been switching over and over, and it was irritating my skin tremendously). The customer service is very helpful, and if you shop around you can get it down to a monthly cost of like $4!! I had moderately severe or severe acne, and it brought it down to moderate, I think. I saw results as a body wash at first.. but it's definitely no better than six months ago :( If your acne is not as seriously as mine, you may love this soap.. i think it'd work for others!

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Reviewed on November 5, 2008

I wanted to try this product to see if it would help my mild rosacea. Every once in a while my cheeks and forehead go red and stings and burns for no reason. Facedoctor didnt help. It just irritated my skin even more and made it very dry.

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Reviewed on September 29, 2008

I would never suggest anyone to use this product, because I feel awful walking around with worse acne than I have ever had in my life.

Its painful, costly, and leaves behind scars even if you don't pick your pimples, it just stays red and spotty.

I am gaining better skin back from using spectro gel and their acne products.

It makes my cystic acne feel less painful, and doesn't dry out my skin and I feel rather clean and not unpleasant scents.

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Reviewed on July 21, 2008

i've used prescprition cream and nothing worked and it was 30.00 so i'm hoping this bar of soap will work. i will let you know if anyhting changes

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Reviewed on April 23, 2008

I love love the soap. I also use the cream from Facedoctfx and it works wonder. I recommend to anyone who is looking for something not too strong for their face.

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Reviewed on January 5, 2008

I would strongly discourage anyone from using this product. For the month or so that I used Facedoctor, my skin became much oilier than it ever had been, my acne became more severe, and my skin appeared irritated with dry patches. My acne went from mild/moderate to moderate/severe. As there were no other major lifestyle or dietary changes made during this time (other than positive ones, such as getting more sleep), I'm confident that the worsening was because of Facedoctor.

After giving up on the soap, it took my skin a few months to return its previous state. Blemishes that appeared while using Facedoctor left behind discoloured spots that are fading very, very slowly. I used Facedoctor in early summer 2007 -- it's January 2008 now and many of the spots are still visible.

I've luckily found a solution that has been working for me after consulting with my doctor. Facedoctor was NOT a viable solution for my acne. It only served to aggravate the problem and make it mor

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Reviewed on September 19, 2007

You wont like the soap for the first week, but youll notice a major difference afterwards. Very good soap and lasts very long. One bar lasts up for 3-4 months.