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Reviewed on November 8, 2013

In September I started randomly breaking out like there was no tomorrow, and in places I've never had it before.. Like my chin, cheeks, jaw line. It was AWFUL. Before September my skin was clear enough to be on the front cover of a magazine! So the search began to clear up the mess... I tried EVERYTHING!!!! From home remedies and over the counter vitamins, you name it I tried it.. Nothing would work!!! I was at CVS every four days for two months buying a new face wash in the hopes to find something that'd work.. I even singed up for tanning I got so desperate. I came across benzoyl peroxide 10% which worked great at first but after a few days my face was so dry I looked like a 90 year old lady and it had stopped working. None the less I looked up the ingredients in BP and it had five pore clogging ingredients.. Figures.. So my boyfriend sat me down and told me to find something natural without 1000 chemical ingredients in it.. He told me to try Epsom salt.. I kind of laughed when he told me but he's usually right about a lot of things so it gave it a try.. At first it got worse and I wanted to stop but he told me it brings out all the acne under the skin at first and then clears it all up.... Boy was he RIGHT!!! After four days my skin if finally itself again... Two months of trying every damn face wash known to man Epsom salt worked!!!!!! I am so beyond happy and I want to tell the world!! And my skin isn't an oily mess anymore, thank god for Epsom salt!!!

So far, so good!
Reviewed on August 20, 2013

I'm only giving this 4 stars because I don't want to jinx it! I never had awful acne-ridden skin, just a few breakouts here and there, until I went back to university after Christmas break. My cheeks and temples were completely covered in red bumps. Covered. I tried Proactive, but it did nothing for me. Went to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic that didn't work. I tried Spectro and Differin and countless other things, but nothing worked. It was the most embarrassing thing ever. I would like my boyfriend to be able to see me without tons of makeup on, so I'm trying everything. I've been using Epsom salts for about a week now, and I can already see how well it's working! I had 2 large pimples on my cheek 3 days ago, and they cleared up the next day!! It also seems to be lightening my scars, and I have a ton. I mix a little bit of the salt with my cleanser every morning, which kinda makes a scrub and makes my skin feel super baby soft. At night I mix some salt with warm water, let the salt dissolve and then use a makeup remover cotton pad to wipe the mixture all over my face and leave it on till the morning. This has been working for me really well so far, and I hope to God that it continues! If you've tried everything and nothing seems to work for your acne, give Epsom salts a shot. It's so cheap and it works. Good luck!

Epsom Salts
Reviewed on August 16, 2013

After years of trying everything you can imagine for my mild/moderate acne, I came across an online site that promoted Epsom Salts for acne. I decided to give it a try, its not like I had anything to lose at this point. I have been using Epsom Salts for my acne for about 3 days now and I can already see the difference. I have oily skin so I can tell immediately. The acne that i had under the skin have now come to a head in about a day. What I do is put about a handful of epsom salts in a tupperware container and add just a little bit of water and put it on my face as best as i can.

Works, but no magic cure
Reviewed on June 22, 2013

I noticed that my skin cleared up dramatically when I went to the Salar de Uyuni (Salt desert) in Bolivia and, to some extent, improved every time I went to the seaside. I figured it must be the sun and/or the sea salt. Having read reviews here, I recently started using Epsom Salts on my face (I mix 2 parts water :1 part salt while also adding some crystals to wet skin, and rinse it off after an hour or so). It does work, but I need to moisturise my skin with sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and/or rosehip oil afterwards. I used tea tree oil in the past, which has worked, and wearing sun screen every single day is key to not make acne and hyperpigmentation worse. Epsom Salts don't do anything for my scars and hyperpigmentation, or at least it haven't so far. They do work, though. I got lazy over the past two weeks and my acne has come back. In a nutshell, Epsom Salts are not THE magic cure. I still need to watch my diet - strictly no meat, no dairy, very little or no sugar, as little processed food as possible. Zinc supplements have helped me. Overall, I feel the change in diet has made the biggest improvement of all.

Reviewed on May 5, 2013

For me, epsom salts are a straight up miracle for acne. I have struggled with acne since I was 8 years old, and I am now 17. That's almost 10 years and I'm not even an adult yet! I've been on Accutane, Duad, Bactrim, Proactive, clearasil, Murad, and probably 50+ other topical treatments/antibiotics that did not work. I've had terrible cystic acne, and my face has caused me distress, embarrassment, and severe self-esteem issues. Although in the last couple of years my acne has calmed down a little bit, it's still been very present, and I am so done dealing with it. SO I decided to finally go with my intuition, instead of the mindless prescription writing of dermatologists, which evidently got me nowhere. I noticed that every time I went to the ocean, my skin would clear up immediately, so I decided to research if seawater helped clear up acne. I stumbled across many articles which hinted to "yes"! The articles also said that epsom salt was a perfectly good substitution, and thus the journey began. I simply pour some epsom salt in a dish, followed by warm water, then I dip a cotton swab in, gently swipe it across my face, and WALA that's it. If it's nighttime I let the salt soak into my skin, and if it's day time I gently rinse it off. That's literally all that I do, and after 2 weeks my acne is almost nonexistent, and my scars are fading. Magic!

by SandiB on 09/17/2014 19:48
Is this still working for you? I'm trying it in a mask.
Reviewed on April 27, 2013

I had moderate acne, tried epsom salt. I figure its the salt, possibly also my face routine, but it really does help a lot. I use skintactix facewash, dry my face then use a slice of lemon to wet my face, use epsom salt and kind of scrub it into my face, use some water if its too rough, then leave the crystals on my face for 15-20 minutes, rinse it off, use organic coconut oil as the moisturizer, tiny bit or else its too oily, then use skintactix toner and green tea poultice. i only do this routine once a day and wash my face normally the other time. It has gotten rid of all my acne, i give credit to the epsom salt/lemon mixture because i did the rest of the routine before and it doesn't really change anything drastically. The whole "gets worse before it gets better" saying applies here too but unlike say proactive which made me break out for some weeks before I quit it (never got the chance to see if it works eventually), this made me break out for 2 days then it cleared up. so glad I tried it.

Reviewed on April 25, 2013

Epsom salts are amazing. I take about a handful of the salts and put them into a large bowl. Then I fill it with hot water, making sure all the grains are dissolved, and then I soak my face in it for about 5-10 minutes. Of course, coming up for air every 20 seconds. I also take some and exfoliate my face, then go back to soaking. I felt a pimple under my skin and it pulled it to a head right away. A lot of my pimples from under the skin are gone now and I only have a few pimples.

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Reviewed on December 14, 2012

I have had severe hormonal acne since August 2012 due to a hormonal imbalance I'm working through. I have always had breakouts ever since I was 12, but lately it has been just unsightly. I can barely look my husband in the eyes because I feel so ugly. I have tried everything to sooth my acne ...I even resorted to getting proactive, but nothing has worked. I like Dan's products, but the AHA breaks me out and the wash does nothing for me. I have spent so much money trying every product on the market to aleast reduce the large, sore bumps on my jaw and neck. One day I got tired of my acne cleanser doing nothing, but irritating my skin so I grab my dove sensitive skin soap bar to wash my face since it has worked before my hormonal acne appeared. Then I saw my Epsom salts by the bathtub and thought ...Why not? I cannot believe the results in just a week. I look in the mirror and cry because it’s so simple and inexpensive. My face is badly scared, but the blackheads/ small bumps are GONE and the large bumps are fading. I cannot believe it. My current reg: Dove mixed with Epsom as a wash, Dickinson's pore toner used with a cotton ball, and Dan's topical treatment ...I'm still looking for a good moisturizer. Right now I'm just using the rest of my proactive spf until I can find one I like, but my skin looks amazing compared to just a few weeks ago.

by hannah1434 on 07/19/2014 04:57
I love the preventage moisturizer for the morning and the repairage moisturizer for night. It is the only thing that will not break me out and its all natural. I get it from [link removed] it is under shop and then the skin tab
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Reviewed on December 11, 2012

I just started using epsom salt a few days ago and I already notice wonderful results. I have tried more products than you can imagine. I have been suffering with moderate acne for 11 years now, and my face has recently reacted from all the years of using harsh chemicals. I have developed very red, itchy skin as a result. So aside from battling break outs, I am battling excessive redness and irritation. The epsom salt has healed my current breakout in a day, and my complexion looks great. The redness has gone away and my face is very smooth. I truly hope that these results last and that this product will help prevent future break outs as well. Only time will tell. So far I am very pleased and will continue to use it. I have switched over to all natural products because my skin cannot handle the harsh chemicals anymore. I use epsom salt with a little bit of purpose cleanser mixed in. Definitely worth a try! Hope to finally have a true success story. Fingers crossed. Good luck to all of you!!